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M3ufs is a Fuse based virtual file system for linux which gives you a live view into your playlists. This is useful if you want to zip or download your playlists stored on the squeezebox server, or transfer them to an MP3 player not managed by the squeezebox server. The filesystem works with symlinks.


Consider your music directory is mounted on /mnt/audio and your playlist directory is /mnt/audio/.playlists. The Squeezebox Server stores each playlist as an .m3u file in the playlist directory. Now we assume the place where you want to access your playlists is /mnt/audio_playlists. Place the m3ufs executable (m3ufs.pl) into your playlist directory and start it with "screen -S m3ufs /mnt/audio/.playlists/m3ufs.pl /mnt/audio_playlists". Now change to /mnt/audio_playlists and "ls -la" shows you a subdirectory for each .m3u file in your playlist directory. Inside each directory the tracks in your playlist are symlinked with a useful name (001 Artist - Track.mp3).


The fuse kernel modules must be loaded if the fuse support is not compiled in. Some perl modules are needed. Install them from your distribution or via CPAN. The code is written for utf8 systems and may not work as expected if your filesystem charset is latin1 or something else (which is generally a bad idea these days anyway). You can export the virtual filesystem as a samba share.


M3ufs.tgz - License: GPL 3 - Author: Marco Schinkel