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Logitech Media Server CLI

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CLI -- Command Line Interface

Documentation is available in your SqueezeCenter's web interface.

Goto Help > Technical Information > Command Line Interface

In general, you connect to the server using the 'telnet' protocol, which is the basis for most of the Internet protocols. The standard (default) port if 9090.

BTW: You get no command prompt at all.

Simple examples

Assume you have your SqueezeCenter installed on a computer named "musicserver". Then to do a query to the server, you can do:

To get the number of players connected to the server:

telnet musicserver 9090
player count ?

To get the number of albums in the database:

telnet musicserver 9090
info total albums ?

To start a rescan:

telnet musicserver 9090

Password protection

If you secured your Squeezebox Server with a password, you have to login first with

login username password

If correct it's repeated as

login username ********