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The initial goal of the applet was to provide a means for our UI developers to quickly view screen mockups on the device, but I believe the applet may have limited general appeal as well, and may provide the seed for a more developed image viewing applet.

At present it doesn't do image resizing, so if you drop a bunch of photos from your 10 megapixel camera on to an SD card, don't expect to see anything but the upper left corner of the picture.  :)


  1. MANDATORY STEP Create a top-level images/ directory on an SD card
  2. Place all image files to be viewed in the images/ directory
  3. Insert SD card into Fab4 (r3999 or newer)
  4. Restart Fab4 (this is only necessary to display the menu item on the home menu)
  5. Select the item "Image Viewer" from the home menu

To navigate through the image files:

  Next image:     touch the screen, IR remote UP or RIGHT
  Previous image: IR remote DOWN (will bump on first image)
  Exit applet:    IR remote LEFT or HOME, Swipe L-to-R