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"(install repo)" indicates a SqueezeCenter repository URL for easy installation on SqueezeCenter 7.3. More up-to-date information for plugins with SqueezeCenter repository URLS is often available through the Extension Downloader page of your SqueezeCenter web interface.

Title Description Author Version Compatibility Last Updated


Automata is a screen saver plug-in that generates one-dimensional cellular automata.

Greg Stumph 1.5

SliMP3/SB1/SBG/SB2/SB3, SlimServer 6.5.x



Play blackjack on your Squeezebox or SLIMP3! (readme)

Kevin Walsh 1.18   2004-12-30

(install repo)

Simplest possible screensaver; simply makes your sceeen go dark. A good match for SaverSwitcher Peter Watkins   6.5, probably any 6.x, 7.0-7.4 2008-08-17

(install repo)

FuzzyTime is a date and time screensaver that lets you use your Squeezebox as a clock that's set "fast". FuzzyTime also has APIs to allow other plugins to display "fast" time, and versions of AlarmPlugin and AutoDisplay that use these APIs are available. Peter Watkins   6.5, 7.0-7.4 2008-08-23


Lifesaver is a screen saver plug-in that plays Conway's Game of Life.

Greg Stumph 1.2

SBG/SB2/SB3, SlimServer 6.5.x


(install repo)

Allows you to use multiple screensavers for Off, Stopped, and Playing modes. Somewhat like XDateTime, but works with any screensaver, can cycle through up to 9 screensavers, and is configurable through the player menu interface

Peter Watkins   6.5, 7.0-7.4 2008-11-17