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Connect Transporter to Speakers

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Connecting Transporter to Speakers

Tranporter has all the same connections as Squeezebox for connecting to speakers (except a headphone jack), but adds additional digital and analog connections. All connections are active at the same time and may be used with different equipment.

The additional output connections are:

  • balanced analog, two black 3 pin male XLR connectors
  • balanced digital, a black 3 pin male XLR connector.
  • BNC digital, a silver/white BNC cable female connector.

Connecting with Balanced Analog

Usually only high end amplifiers or preamps have analog balanced line connections. Balanced connections are desirable where electrical interference is a consideration or long runs are required. Some audiophiles prefer balanced connections due to their ability to reject noise.

There are special considerations for connecting Transporter directly to your power amp using balanced or unbalanced connections.

Some power amps only have balanced connections. Using Transporter's balanced output avoids the issues associated to connecting the unbalanced RCA connector to a balanced input power amplifier.

Connecting with Digital

Transporter provides four S/PDIF connection formats:

  1. 75ohm RCA coaxial
  2. 75ohm BNC coaxial
  3. balanced XLR AES/EBU
  4. fiber optic TOSLINK

Both the RCA & TOSLINK connections are the same as the Squeezebox S/PDIF connections.

Some DACs and other professional "studio" grade digital equipment have BNC or AES/EBU connections. There are currently no issues involved in connecting Transporter via AES/EBU or BNC other than using the right cable type to plug in the devices.

Contributor: EricCarroll