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Squeezelite is a headless (no user interface) software music player that allows you to play music streamed from Logitech Media Server.

Squeezelite supports high resolution playback, gapless, crossfade and most other squeezebox playback features. It was originally written for linux and has been discussed on the linux forum. It now supports Windows, OSX and Solaris too.

Squeezelite is written by Adrian Smith (Triode) and was released on code.google. Google will close the code project in January 2016 - so this link is old.

Linux Workarounds

for Linux if Player hangs

There is bug some Users reported after squeezelite is idle a long Time.

You can find the Thread and workaround script here.

for Linux if player plays to fast/to slow

If the Player plays to fast or to slow take a look at this Thread.


The pure Squeezelite Version and as plugin called local player if you want to play direct from your Server that runs Logitech Media Server.


Squeezelite is the main binary for many other Players like Picoreplayer, Max2Play and others. In some cases linux users will need to add the user - that runs squeezelite - to the audio group to allow squeezeplay access to the audio output device.

Linux Startupscript

Under Linux you may need a startupscript. Please take a look at the Tutorial from Gerrelt.



Will be updated when i find the actual link(s).


You can find the binary from Ralph Irving here.

Local Player

The Local Player plugin provides local playback capability from the server computer.

Local Player installs a playback application (squeezelite) on the server computer which is automatically run by the server and which can be controlled via the web interface or other squeezebox control applications. It is intended to simplify the installation and configuration of the squeezelite by installing it via a plugin.


To install please look in the "Other 3rd party plugins" list on the LMS plugins page.

The plugin should install the relevant version of squeezelite for your server machine and then automatically start it. On linux it supports intel and arm machines. For arm you will need to visit the settings page to select the appropriate architecture (armv5te, armv6, armv6hf). You can select the audio output to use from the settings page.

In some cases linux users will need to add the server user to the audio group to allow squeezeplay access to the audio output device.

Please note the plugin download does not include all codecs. On linux use your normal distribution installation process to install the libraries given on the setting page. On windows/osx wav,aif and flac are supported by default. Other codecs are supported via the server transcoding.Jan.Schmidt 09:23, 28 June 2015 (UTC)