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Title Description Author Version Compatibility Last Updated


HydraPlayer is a SliMP3 emulator written in perl. The emulator can function on its own (stand alone mode), but it's mostly useful when run as a plugin within the SlimServer. When running in plugin mode, it can spawn multiple emulator sessions, one per detected Squeezebox controller. The players are synchronized with the controllers such that the Squeezebox controller is used for media selection, volume control, etc. and the player sessions are used to actually drive the speakers.

Tor Perkins 0.95 Linux/UNIX 2010-01-09


A console based audio player using external libraries (libmad, libflac, libvorbis, libspeex, libmpcdec, libsndfile, etc.) instead of internal decoders. Supports JACK, Alsa, and OSS output devices, detaching to the background (no screen needed), and has excellent buffering of streaming audio for SlimServer playback. NOTE: This player plays the mp3 stream it does not support the Slim API

Damian Pietras 2.3.2 Linux/UNIX 2005-09-25


A SLIMP3 emulator that runs under KDE on Linux. Werner Lane 2004-04-03


A graphical SLIMP3 emulator geared towards television set top boxes. Jeff Simpson 2004-04-09


A command-line program implementing a SLIMP3 client for Linux. Paul Warren 2004-03-25


A graphical Squeezebox emulator written in Java which lets you listen to your SlimServer music at your computer.

Richard Titmuss 3.2.1 2006-10-06


Simple player, no graphical interface (command line only) which lets you listen to your SlimServer music at your computer.

Richard Titmuss 0.7.5 2008-05-27


A Java-based SLIMP3 emulator. Douglas S. J. De Couto 2004-05-12


A python-based SLIMP3 emulator. Gerome Fournier 2006-09-15


Replacement player for Rio Receiver hardware. Robin O'Leary 0.7b 2008-04-02