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SoftSqueeze is a community supported software music player that allows you to play music streamed from SqueezeCenter (formerly known as SlimServer) and SqueezeNetwork.

The SoftSqueeze emulator has the look and feel of the Transporter, Squeezbox 3, Squeezebox Boom, Squeezebox 2 and Squeezebox 1 hardware, and their remote controls! With SoftSqueeze and SqueezeCenter installed, you can discover the joys of streaming your music collection and Internet radio. Use SoftSqueeze with SqueezeNetwork for server-less playback of all the content SqueezeNetwork has to offer.

With SoftSqueeze, you can gain familiarity with the user interface and functionality of the Squeezebox network music players. Or use it anytime you need a player for SqueezeCenter or SqueezeNetwork.

SoftSqueeze is no longer included in the SqueezeCenter distribution. It can only be downloaded from SourceForge.

SoftSqueeze was written in Java by Richard Titmuss.