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Slim Devices

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Slim Devices, Inc. was a consumer electronics company founded 2000 by Sean Adams. The main product was the Squeezebox network music player that allows the owner to stream digital audio from their open-source software Slimserver to these devices.

Slim Devices, Inc. was acquired by Logitech International in 2006.

From the press release

Logitech International (SWX: LOGN) (Nasdaq: LOGI) today announced that it has acquired Slim Devices, Inc., a pioneer in the development of music systems that take advantage of a home network. Products from Slim Devices, such as the acclaimed Squeezebox™ and the recently announced Transporter™, enable people to enjoy high-quality digital music, in multiple rooms of the home, regardless of whether the music is streaming directly from the Internet, or from a PC, Mac, or storage device on the network. Logitech purchased the privately held Slim Devices of Mountain View, Calif. for $20 million in cash plus a possible performance-based payment, tied to reaching certain future revenue targets.

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