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Plugin development tools

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Title Description Author Version Compatiblity Last Updated

Python CLI (Telnet) Interface Wrapper

A Python library designed to wrap the functionality of the SqueezeCenter CLI (Telnet) interface

JingleMan Sweep 7.0 or later 2008-08-25

Database Query

A SlimServer plug-in to make it possible to define and execute custom SQL statements towards SlimServer database. The result can be displayed in the browser or exported as CSV or XML files.

Erland Isaksson 6.5 or later 2008-07-03

Example Plugins

A few very heavily commented example plugins that should be useful to someone trying to understand the basics of SlimServer plugins.

Max Spicer 2004-10-16

HelloWorld Example for SC7

A rather heavily commented plugin example for SqueezeCenter 7 that includes a web interface. It may not be perfect, but it covers the basics for a fullfledged SC7 plugin.

Mitch Gerdisch 7.x 2007-12-26
mkrepo.pl Simple Perl script for creating SqueezeCenter repository XML files and HTML listings of multiple plugins. Peter Watkins 7.4
StringEditor (aka Translation Helper)

A plugin to verify, compare, edit, and save SlimServer string files.

Michael Herger 1.5 6.0+ 2006-08-14


A tool to help translate the SlimServer strings file to any language.

Christoph Hoffman 2003-12-08


The SlimConnect interface project offers a easy to use Java interface to Squeezebox and SLIMP3. SlimConnect enables you to put text on your display, get the current play List, search for an artist, play some songs and many more. Check out the demo applications!

Bas de Bree 2004-11-04


Example plugin for manipulation of the front LED of the Squeezebox Receiver

Felix Mueller 7.x 2007-12-22