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Blik Radiostation

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I own two Squeezeboxes and a Transporter. I have a Squeezebox in the bedroom connected to my Hifi but also needed an all-in-one clock radio for my bedside. After a lot of research I purchased the recently released Revo Blik Radiostation (www.revo.co.uk) which is a fantastic FM/DAB/DAB+/WIFI Internet Clock Radio in one unit. While it works great on its own, and supports Windows(Samba) shares and UpNp servers, I wanted to integrate it into my existing SqueezeCenter set-up, and as most of my music is in flac format, I also needed something to convert the music into MP3 to support the Blik Radiostation.

Overview of solution

Using SqueezeCenter's remote streaming capability the Blik Radiostation is now set-up as another player, enabling a rich and portable user interface to access and play my music. The new Squeezebox Duet remote would also allow complete control of my music stream to the Radiostation! This can be enabled to work on the home network, and remotely to another Radiostation (say a friend or another property abroad).

Note: If you set a username/password for SqueezeCenter for either of these methods, it will not work. This does present a security risk and I would like to resolve this for remote streaming. If the Blik Radiostation could support the syntax "http://username:password@squeezecenter-ip:9000/stream.mp3 then this would resolve the problem. However many normal media players do not appear to support this either and this is still not very secure as the username and password are passed as clear text.

For both methods: - Install SlimServer or SqueezeCenter (of course!) - Buy a Blik Radiostation! - Go to www.wifiradio-frontier.com (the website for configuring Radiostation Internet radio stations), set-up an account and add the Blik Radiostation (see Radiostation instructions).

For local streaming do the following: - Choose "Add another station" from the home page with the following settings:

Station name: Anything (i.e. Squeeze Centre) Station URL: http://squeezecenter-local-ip-address:9000/stream.mp3 Location: Anything (i.e. UK) Genre: Anything (i.e. Eclectic) Type: MP3

- Go to the Blik Radiostation, select Internet Radio, My Added Stations and select "Squeeze Centre". The display should say "Playing". - Go to http://squeezecenterlocalipaddress:9000 using a web browser:

- Select the player in the top right (it will appear as Windows Media Player <ip-address>, you can give the player a name using the settings if you want to). - Choose the music and play!

For remote streaming do the following: - Check out the wiki RemoteStreaming for a generic explanation.

Set-up your network to allow remote streaming: - Set-up port forwarding on your broadband router from your local SqueezeCenter IP address to the Internet on port 9000 - Create a fixed URL for your broadband connection using a dynamic DNS service such as www.dyndns.com (you will also need dynamic DNS support on your broadband router) - Check http://dyndns-ip:9000 using a web browser to make sure you can access Squeezecenter remotely

- Choose "Add another station" from the main page with the following settings:

Station name: Anything (i.e. Squeeze Centre Remote) Station URL: http://dyndnsip:9000/stream.mp3 Location: Anything (i.e. UK) Genre: Anything (i.e. Eclectic) Type: MP3

- Go to "My Added Stations" on the Radiostation and pick the new Internet Radio stream - Go to http://dyndns-ip:9000 using a web browser:

- Select the player in the top right - Choose the music and play!

I hope this is useful. I am certainly very pleased I have got this to work!