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Communication plugins

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Title Description Author Version Compatibility Last Updated

Asterix Voicemail

This plugin allows voice mails stored by an Asterisk Voicemail/PBX server to be accessed via a Squeezebox, SoftSqueeze or SLIMP3.

Ian Hailey     2004-10-06

Bob Myer's blog

...shows what he's listening to with his Squeezebox. He shows how he did it here.

Bob Myer     2004-02-29

CallerID Display

Use your Linux SlimServer to display the name and number of incoming phone calls

Max Spicer   6.2+ 2005-10-31

Email Checker

Has features including browsing mailbox, reading message body, and new message announcements. Kevin Deane-Freeman      
Eudora.pm This plugin lets you browse your Eudora mailbox. Mike Coglianese     2003-10-11

Geeklog phpblock

This shows what Danny's listening to on his blog.

Danny Ledger     2004-03-15


An AppleScript that works with iChat to show the current status of your player as your iChat status item. Jason Snell      

MSN Now Playing

This plugin allows you to update your "now playing" information in MSN Messenger with whatever you are playing on your squeezebox. Jim Willsher     2007-02-24

NetFlix Plugin

This is a NetFlix plugin. Get the modules listed below setup and drop the pm in the plugins directory. You'll see a NetFlix anchor show up under the Plugins tab on the web pager. Just click on it and set your login/password. If no one has one just drop me a line and I'll give you mine. The worst thing that can happened is someone changes the order of stuff in my queue. :) You can then look at your NetFlix queue on the squeezebox. I had to install ActivePerl and the [=Crypt::SSLeay] module. There is a url in the pm file for the [=Crypt::SSLeay] Windows module. jstout   Needs I18N Fix for v6  


Keep a log of played tracks and easily provide information on your web site about what you're currently listening to with your Squeezebox. Max Spicer   6.2+ 2005-12-03
PhoneBook.pm Lets you browse phone numbers and play DTMF tones to dial the phone. Carel Bast      

Simple Phonebook

Lets you flip through phonebook entries in a text file using your player. (readme)

Kevin Walsh      


An OS X applet that shows your buddies on iChat what song you are listening to. Jason Snell     2003-12-05

xAP Home Automation

The xAP Plug-in for SqueezeCenter adds home automation capabilities via the xAP automation protocol. Control SqueezeCenter from many popular home automation packages including HomeSeer, HouseBot, Girder etc. Communicate with other xAP-enabled devices including lighting (X10, CBUS, AMX, Dynalite), heating, security etc. Display home automation messages (caller id, you have mail etc) on SlimPlayers. See the author's site for more details as well as the xAP Community Site for information on xAP.

Edward Pearson

v2.3 7.3 2008-12-23


A program to show Caller ID information on your SLIMP3! Rod Savard      


Let everyone know what music you are listening to on your squeezebox by displaying it on your personal website! Danny Rego v1.11 v7.6+ 2011-09-11