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Unicode fonts

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SlimServer 6.5b1 (and all future versions) now ship with the Code2000 font in the Graphics directory. If you are using 6.2.x or want to try a different font - see below.

SlimServer as of 6.2 supports Unicode on the Squeezebox2 player UI.

You'll need to download a TrueType Unicode font and install it in the SlimServer Graphics directory.

Unicode Fonts:

  • CyberBit - Free for Personal Use from Netscape.
  • ArialUniMS - Not free - Ships with Microsoft Office.

The GD graphics library compiled with TrueType support is included with SlimServer on OSX, Windows & Linux Perl 5.8 i386-linux-thread-multi

For all other platforms, please compile the libgd2 library against FreeType. Then install the Perl GD Module