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Transporter serial port

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Transporter Serial Port

Transporter has a serial port on the rear panel which, by default, provides access to the command-line interface to SlimServer.

The CLI is documented in the built-in technical documentation for slimserver and there's a brief section about the serial port in the users guide:

RS-232 Serial Control

Transporter has an RS-232 (DE-9 / TIA-574 style) serial port for controlling the Transporter and SlimServer via another hardware device, for instance a Crestron or AMX home automation controller, or your computer. The control protocol used for this interface is the same as the command line interface used by the server on TCP port 9090.

For technical information on the protocol, please see the command line interface documentation in the SlimServer web interface, by clicking Technical Information under Help, then clicking on The Command Line Interface.