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SqueezePlay On Fedora 5 and 6

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Building SqueezePlay on Fedora Core 5 & 6

This has been tested on Fedora Core 5 and 6, but may be applicable to other Linux distributions as well.

Once you have downloaded the SqueezePlay source code, follow each of the steps mentioned in /README.linux/. If SqueezePlay builds without any errors, but fails to run, you may need to make a few changes to the /Makefile.linux/ in order to build on Fedora.

SDL_Init(V|T|A): No available video device

If you encounter this error, you need to make a quick change to the Makefile.linux. Close inspection of the build output, specifically with the SDL, shows the following (abridged).

...checking for an ANSI C-conforming const... yeschecking how to run the C preprocessor... gcc -Echecking for X... nochecking for sdl-config... /build/linux/bin/sdl-configchecking for SDL - version >= 1.2.0... yes...

Notice (above) that the SDL failed to find the installed X libraries. You must tell the SDL where to find them.

  • Copy the Makefile.linux to Makefile.fedora
  • Edit Makefile.fedora to include the following before any of the SDL configuration
ENABLE_X_LIBS=--x-includes=/usr/include/X11 --x-libraries=/usr/lib --x-libraries=/usr/lib/X11
  • Add this to each of the SDL configure options in the Makefile.fedora so the lines read as follows
# sdlSDL-1.2.11/Makefile:cd SDL-1.2.11; ./configure ${ENABLE_PROFILING} --prefix=${PREFIX} ${ENABLE_X_LIBS}sdl: SDL-1.2.11/Makefilecd SDL-1.2.11; make && make install# sdl_image (requires jpeg tiff png)SDL_image-1.2.5/Makefile:cd SDL_image-1.2.5; SDL_CONFIG=${PREFIX}/bin/sdl-config ./configure --disable-tif ${ENABLE_PROFILING} --prefix=${PREFIX} ${ENABLE_X_LIBS}sdl-image: SDL_image-1.2.5/Makefilecd SDL_image-1.2.5; make && make install# sdl_ttfSDL_ttf-2.0.8/Makefile:cd SDL_ttf-2.0.8; SDL_CONFIG=${PREFIX}/bin/sdl-config ./configure ${ENABLE_PROFILING} --prefix=${PREFIX} --with-freetype-prefix=${PREFIX} --without-opengl ${ENABLE_X_LIBS}sdl-ttf: SDL_ttf-2.0.8/Makefilecd SDL_ttf-2.0.8; make && make install# sdl_gfxSDL_gfx-2.0.15/Makefile:cd SDL_gfx-2.0.15; ./configure ${ENABLE_PROFILING} --prefix=${PREFIX} ${ENABLE_X_LIBS}sdl-gfx: SDL_gfx-2.0.15/Makefilecd SDL_gfx-2.0.15; make && make install
  • Be sure to clean out all the old objects and built libraries or you will get link errors when trying to rebuild with Makefile.fedora.
make -f Makefile.linux clean
  • Rebuild with the new Makefile.fedora and give it a shot.
make -f Makefile.fedora