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Song Lyrics plugin

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This plugin for Squeezebox Server which enhances the Song Info plugin with a new information provider that shows song lyrics from http://musixmatch.com when viewing song details.

Please note that the plugin will not do much by itself, you will need the Song Info plugin to make it useful.


All lyrics shown through this plugin is primarily provided by http://musixmatch.com


  1. Remove any previous version of Song Lyrics plugin from the SqueezeCenter Plugins directory if you have manually installed it earlier (this is not needed if you have installed it through Plugins tab)
  2. Goto Squeezebox Server Settings/Plugins and select to install Song Lyrics. You might need to add Erland's repository to see it, see here for more information regarding this: SqueezeCenter_Repositories. If you don't want to install it through Extension Downloader, you can also download it from the download page and manually unzip the new version in the SqueezeCenter Plugins directory
  3. Goto Squeezebox Server Settings/Plugins and select to install Song Info, the Song Info plugin is required if you want to be able to display the lyrics through any Squeezebox user interface.

Bugs and new features

The current list of known bugs and wishes for new features can be found here:

If you want to encourage future development of this plugin you should also consider making a donation


Available information modules

  • songlyrics: Song lyrics for specified song

CLI/JSON commands/responses

See the Song Info plugin for more information.