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SUSE 10.2 startup scripts

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Thank you again Aubrey!

Instructions to install Squeezebox Server on SuSE 10.2:

Download and install the RPM for the version of Squeezebox Server desired from www.slimdevices.com or


Create a document (with VI or gedit) /etc/init.d/slimserver.init with the attached script (slimserver.init). Then give group write permissions to /etc/init.d/slimserver.init. Then open runlevel (System Services) from YaST choose expert mode and set slimserver.init to runlevel 5 and go ahead and start it.

This should start Squeezebox Server and you should be able to see the web interface at http://localhost:9000

Don't forget to open port 3483:9000 for both TCP and UDP in the firewall (if it's enabled).