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"(install repo)" indicates a SqueezeCenter repository URL for easy installation on SqueezeCenter 7.3. More up-to-date information for plugins with SqueezeCenter repository URLS is often available through the Extension Downloader page of your SqueezeCenter web interface.

Title Description Author Version Compatibility Last Updated

(install repo)

Provides an easy way to pause the music on all Squeezebox players with one button press or CLI call. Peter Watkins   6.5, 7.0-7.4

asterisk callerID display

A Instructions how to have asterisk display the callerID of an inbound call on your player gramels 0.1 all 10-Mar-2007


Displays Clear Sky Clocks, Moon Data, Iridium Flare events and International Space Station passes Mitch Gerdisch   6.x & 7.x 2007-12-26

BBC News Ticker

Displays news headlines from the BBC on your player. Gordon Johnston 1.4.1   2004-09-28

BBC News

Displays news headlines from the BBC on your player. This is a complete rewrite of a similar module by Gordon Johnston. (readme)

Kevin Walsh 1.4.8   2004-12-30

Cricket Test Match

Get the latest score & place it on the sb display. Waldy     2004-08-18

Files Viewer

Allows text files to be read using a SqueezeBox Classic player. Philip Meyer 1.1   2008-12-17

Forecaster Plugin

Reads weather information from Weather.com. Kevin Deane-Freeman, Justin Birch 1.3.1   2005-06-27


Screensaver which displays UK football scores, screenscraped from the BBC Videprinter. (Forum discussion)

Matthew Flint 1.0.130 6.5.x, 7.0 2007-10-13


Shows live UK train running information, screenscraped from National Rail's Live Departure Board website. (Forum discussion)

Matthew Flint 2.3.420 6.5.x, 7.x 2008-11-10

MaximumEdge News

Displays news headlines from MaximumEdge on your player. (readme)

Kevin Walsh 1.20   2004-12-30
SlimPanelz Shows several information panes, upon user configuration. Provides an extensible framework for multi-pane info display. Eldan Ben-Haim 0.3   2006-09-14

Song File Viewer

Allows text files that are in the same source location as the currently playing local track to be viewed. Philip Meyer 1.2   2008-12-17


A plugin that gets stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance. Carel Bast 0.5   2003,2004


Graphically displays current weather conditions and forecasts along with the current date/time. Will also optionally display stocks and upcoming/current game information for MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and college football and basketball teams. Also offers external API. Greg Brown 5.7.0 6.2.x, 6.5.x, 7.x.x 2008-09-10

Swiss Weather and Avalanches

Plugins to tell you the weather conditions in your part of Switzerland. Michael Herger     2004-05-21
Television.pm A plugin to let you browse TV listings. Mike Coglianese     2003-10-11

(install repo)

WeatherTime is a no fuss screensaver to show graphical weather forecasts along with the current date and time. It is using Wunderground.com as its data source.

Martin Rehfeld 1.9.6 / 2.2.1 tested against 6.5.x (1.9.6), SC7.3 (2.2.1) 2009-01-17

xAP Home Automation

Communicate with xAP-enabled home automation devices including lighting (X10, CBUS, AMX, Dynalite), heating, security etc. Display home automation messages (caller id, you have mail etc) on SlimPlayers. See the xAP Community Site for general information on xAP.

Edward Pearson

beta1 6.5+ 2006-11-09


Shows how long a movie has played in XBMC on your XBOX. Magnus Ã…kerblom-Wiker 1 6.2.x, 6.5.x, 7.0b 2007-10-27
Yahoo! Horoscopes Plugin Reads daily horoscopes from Yahoo! Astrology. Kevin Deane-Freeman 1.9   2005-03-08