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Filing bugs

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Logitech SMS (formerly Slim Devices) maintains a Bugzilla bug database, which is the best place for reporting bugs you've encountered or making enhancement requests. The main difference between reporting an issue in the forums vs. Bugzilla is that when it's reported in Bugzilla it stands a vastly better chance of being addressed.

It is definitely more work to open a bug than a forum thread. But if you feel your issue begs attention, open a bug in Bugzilla.

Here are some basic tips on Bugzilla and some links for some canned searches to see what are known issues:

Filing a good bug is important to make it easier for us to quickly fix problems.

Before you file a new bug, please do the following:

  • Consider whether your issue is really a support problem. If you are the only person who has noticed a terrible problem with a release that has been available a while, chances are it's something specific to you. Visit this page for product support options.
  • Search messages in the forums or post a new message to see if other people have seen the same symptoms.
  • Search existing bugs that are open OR resolved to see if your issue has already been noticed. If you find your bug, update it with additional information you think may be important.
  • If you do file a bug, please include information from the Event Viewer (in Windows) or log files related to the issue and step-by-step instructions to reproduce the problem so we can find and fix it quickly. The address of the bug database is http://bugs.slimdevices.com.

In order to file a bug, you will have to create an account to open bugs. You do not need an account to view bugs.

When first opening a bug, you must select a product. Choose the one that fits best to your issue. Remember though, 'tis better to open a bug in the wrong place than not open one at all.

You should only feel compelled to fill out only three fields: summary, description, and component.

Summary is a one line description of the bug. Make this as concise and to the point as possible. Summaries are important for people scanning through buglists to get an idea of what the bug is about.

Description is where you put all the hairy details. Be as verbose as you want in this section. Make sure you include any Step-by-Step instructions on how to recreate the bug.

Component make your best guess, if you are unsure just pick one and we'll change it as needed.

Also note that once your bug has been opened, you can also make attachments to the bug (screen shots of the problem, log dumps, whatever).

Logitech SMSBU actively manage these buglists, and make decisions on most of the other fields. Whether filled out or not–e.g., Severity, Priority, Target Milestone, etc. You also don't need to worry about assigning the bug to anyone, we'll take care of that. Please see Bug Process for more information on how we deal with bugs.

*to do: Bugzilla needs a front-end overhaul–namely, to make it very clear what on the bug form a community member needs to fill out vs. what Logitech/Slim will take care of.

Thanks for helping us improve our products!