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Automatic Firmware Upgrade

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This page needs editing. Is this not only relevant for Squeezebox 3? The default method of firmware upgrade is that, after the server is upgraded, each Squeezebox shows a firmware upgrade screen and waits for a long press of the brighness key to initiate the upgrade.

The player setting for completely automatic upgrades can be changed as follows:

  • Hold the left arrow key down until the Squeezebox Setup screen appears.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys to find View current settings and then press the right arrow.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys to find Auto Upgrade.
  • Use the right arrows key to toggle between off (the default) and on. (You may have to try several times with very short button pushes to get this to work).
  • Use the left arrow to return to the main setup menu.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys to select the desired server and the right arrow key to connect.

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