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Squeezebox Touch - USB Compatibility

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Supported filesystems for USB/SD storage

  1. FAT16
  2. FAT32
  3. NTFS
  4. ext2/ext3

The following devices have been tested with Squeezebox Touch

Manufacturer Type Model Works Reporter Bug Notes
Apple Keyboard Aluminum USB keyboard Y Jacobdp 10653 FIXED in r4262. Over power.
Logitech Keyboard Wii Keyboard Y Dean
Logitech Keyboard Ultra-Flat (Y-BP62a) Y Funkstar
Logitech Keyboard DiNovo Edge Keyboard Y Felix incl. mouse pad
Logitech Keyboard Classic Keyboard 200 Y Dean
Dell Keyboard Model LU20 Keyboard Y Dean
Microsoft Mouse 3-Button Mouse with IntelliEye Y Dean
Apple iPhone Andy It charges, at least :)
Apple iPod iPod Color Y Dean Formatted for MS-DOS. Able to play .wav file from disk using aplay.
Apple iPod iPod Nano 2nd Gen, 4GB Y Jim Z FAT32
Apple iPod iPod 5.5G "Video" 80GB Y/N Peter 11197 FAT32 format. Does not seem to unmount cleanly, neither with Apple firmware 1.2.1 nor using Rockbox 3.1 USB disk mode.
Sandisk Card Reader Micromate SD card adaptor SDDR-113 Y Dean Read a vfat formatted SD card from adaptor. Dumb, I know, but it worked
Creative USB Stick / MP3 player Muvo TX FM 512MB Y Peter
Kingston USB Stick Datatraveler 2GB Y/N Dean 11196 Worked with vfat partition and MBR partition table. GUID partition table failed, bug 11196 filed.
Kingston Card Reader Micro USB adaptor FCR-MRB Y Dean
Kingston Card Reader SD/MMC USB adaptor FCR-HS2MMC/SD Y Peter Using a regular SanDisk 2GB SD card, FAT16 format
SanDisk USB Stick Cruzer mini 1GB Y iPhone
Dell Keyboard Model L100 Y iPhone
Dell Mouse Model MUANDEL 1 with Scroll Wheel Y iPhone Pointer has rapid blink making it hard to see on display, Scroll Wheel works great
SanDisk USB Stick Cruzer 32GB Y iPhone
SanDisk USB Stick Cruzer Micro 1GB Y iPhone
Apricorn HDD A25-USB-320 N Jim Z Power indicator lights, small clicking sound, drive isn't seen. Contains a Western Digital WD3200BEVT, 2.5" 320GB, 5400RPM SATA. Works fine on several different PCs.
Iomega HDD: eG0 320GB USB/1394 drive SKU#34419/ eGo White 320GB USB/FW400 Y* James "mounting read-only" Dual USB cable additional connection to 5V DC input needed or 5v AC adapter (not included)
LaCie HDD 320GB firewire/USB disk Y Andy
Seagate HDD 250GB FreeAgent Go Y* Dean *Came formatted for NTFS, which is not writable at this point.
Toshiba HDD 100GB USB drive HDDR100E01X Y Mickey Single USB cable OK, no additional connection to 5V DC input needed
Toshiba HDD 400GB USB drive HDDR400E03X Y James Single USB cable OK, no additional connection to 5V DC input needed
Western Digital HDD MyBook 1TB USB drive Y iPhone
Western Digital HDD WD3200MER-00 My Passport Essential N James USB device using fsl-ehci and address 2, attempts to read then disconnects/reconnects HDD
Western Digital HDD WD3200MER-00 5009A My Passport Essential Y Kiwi bought Nov 2009
KWI Technology Inc. Mouse 3D Optical Mouse Y Mark Lanctot
Microsoft Mouse Comfort Optical Mouse 1000 Y Mark Lanctot
Generic Card Reader All-in-1 Card Reader N Mark Lanctot Neodio ND3260-LD controller. Also did not work in certain Ubuntu distributions.
Iomega Floppy Drive BXXU0130 Y Mark Lanctot
Generic USB Stick USB007 16 MB Y Mark Lanctot
Netcom Headset GN Netcom GN 9350 (USB HID v1.00 Device) N Michael No sound
Griffin Big Knob Powermate N Michael Isn't recognized at all. Not even its LED is turned on. What a pitty. Would have loved to see a Squeezebox Touch with a knob.
Generic USB Stick CBM2080N Flash Disk 512 MB Y Michael
PQI USB Stick 2 GB Y Michael
Generic Multi Card Reader SMSC USB 2 HS-MS/SM/SD/MMC Y Michael Correctly mounting CF (ext2) and SD (FAT32) cards, no other tested
Generic (Chesen) PS2 -> USB Converter, USB hub Y Michael Correctly mounting two USB sticks and a 120GB Hitachi on external adaptor at the same time, plus and driving an old Cherry PS2 keyboard
Pentax SLR K10D (DIGITAL_CAMERA 1.30) Y Michael accessing memory card (fat32)
Logitech Mouse VX Nano Mouse (USB HID v1.11 Mouse [Logitech USB Receiver]) Y Michael Mouse movement doesn't wake up the screensaver, mouse cursor hardly viewable, can's scroll long lists
Generic IDE2USB adapter Generic Y Michael Connecting to Maxtor 6 E040L0 40GB HD (didn't mount NTFS), and IC35L120 AVV207-0 (120GB, ext3 mounted as ext2)
Transcend StoreJet 2.5 USB powered 2.5" enclosure 20GB (HITACHI_ DK23DA-20) Y Michael Running a 8yr. old 4200rpm Hitachi 20GB disk (taken from my Archos Recorder 20 ;-))
Fairtec (Generic) USB powered 2.5" enclosure 40GB (FUJITSU MHS2040AT) Y Michael
FTDI USB to Serial Adapter Y Mark Lanctot
Apple Mouse Mighty Mouse Y Mark Lanctot
Kingston USB Stick DTI/1GB Y Mark Lanctot
Griffin FM Tuner RadioSHARK2 Y/N bpa Register ok, show as capture audio with arecord -l but doesn't work.
C-Media Headphone/mic set Y/N bpa device registered ok, show as devices with aplay -l and arecord -l but audio didn't work
Trust 42-in-1 Card reader CR-1420p Y bpa Appears in log as 4 drives but only one works at a time.
Seagate/Vantec HDD 80 GB Momentus 2.5" in Vantec enclosure N Peter Flashing LED on drive. Haven't looked for the manual, but suspect insufficient power. Drive + enclosure works fine with my laptops.
Transcend Thumbdrive JetFlash v10 (8GB) Y/N radish 11210 Mounts ok and FS can be read on /mount/sda1. Unplugging the drive causes SB Touch to reboot (always).
Sandisk Card Reader Extreme II USB Reader N radish Tested with Sandisk ultra II 4GB CF card, /var/log/messages shows activity on connection but nothing mounts. Disconnection caused reboot sporadically.
Wacom Graphics Tablet Intuos 2 N MrC none Device appears under /dev, but not functional.
Seagate HDD ST375064 (750 gig) Y MrC none Disk visible w/fdisk as /dev/sda. NTFS format unmountable; other file system types untested.
Canon Camera PowerShot SD1000 N MrC none Appears as four /dev/usb* devices, but nothing more.
Targus 4 port travel hub PA055 Yes James none
Sabrent / Prolific Serial port PL2303/SBT-USC1K N Peter 11436 missing pl2303.c driver?
Dazzle CF to USB Adapter N/A needs to be tested James Need to use USB extension cable to connect, physical dimensions prevent direct plugin
IMicro Generic External Enclosure IMS25 -SATA / IMBS25 -PATA Y* James Dual USB cable additional connection to 5V DC input needed
Vantec 2.5" SATA enclosure NexStar 3 N Andy Bus-powered fails with drive clicking sound. Bus powered from laptop works.
Macally 2.5" PATA enclosure PHR-250CC N Andy Also fails to work bus-powered from laptop. Does work if powered over firewire with USB also plugged in.
SimplTech by Fabrik 320GB HDD "Black Cherry" FS-U25/320h y* James high speed USB device using fsl-ehci and address 8//Dual USB cable additional connection to 5V DC input needed or 5v AC adapter (not included)
Western Digital HDD WD5000MLC-00 My Passport Elite Y MrC
Seagate HDD 1TB Seagate Expansions ST310005EXD101-RK Y Ferenc HDD comes with its own power supply, ntfs file system, scanned 400+GB mp3's, works as it should
Western Digital HDD Elements SE (1TB) Y ndrake
Icy box USB powered 2.5" enclosure IB-226StUE2-Wh or IB-290STUS-B Y SaintGermain With either a WD 640GB "Scorpio Blue" (WD6400BPVT), a WD AV-25 (WD2500BUDT) or a Seagate Momentus 5400.6. The spindown is working correctly.