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Slim Skins for the Squeezebox Server web interface can be found under Squeezebox/Server/HTML. They can be written using Template Toolkit. More information is available on SkinDevelopment.

You can access the skin directly from Squeezebox Server as http://yourserver:9000/skinname/ - trailing slash is optional and skinname is not case sensitive.

Skins included with Squeezebox Server 7.5

Name Description Owner Notes
Classic This is the more lightweight skin, used as default skin before Logitech Media Server 7.0 Logitech

This is the official default skin for Logitech Media Server


EN Base template elements and generic fallback HTML for other skins.


Other/old/deprecated skins

Name Description Owner Notes
Bagpuss Just a stylesheet - everything else is EN N/A
Dark Minimal changes - different icons than Default. N/A

AJAX'd skin similar to ExBrowse2, but looks like Default.

Jacob Potter
ExBrowse3 AJAX'd skin with a more dynamic nature than others. Jacob Potter XML/JSON/RPC Plugin must be activated
Moser Robert Moser
Purple Purple style sheet N/A
xmlTelCanto Really needs to be updated.. or deprecated in place of the CLI or XML/JSON/RPC.

SlimDevices (Should be Malcom Beattie)

Fishbone Lots of features - and multi-CSS available. Kevin Deane-Freeman

Skin good for use on Palm/WindowsCE devices.

Michael Herger
Nokia770 Optimized for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Ben Klaas

Added to Trunk 12/05 SlimserverAndNokia770

Touch Looks good for Tablet computers? N/A See enhancements for SC7
XML Really needs to be updated.. or deprecated in place of the CLI or XML/JSON/RPC.