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Revision as of 07:34, 7 April 2011 by Bklaas (Talk | contribs)
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Hi. This wiki needs at least one active administrator who can delete spam. Some users have tried to categorize spam pages into Category:Spam in the hope that an administrator would show up and delete the pages, but many of these pages have later been uncategorized, as other users have emptied the pages, including the categorization. Also, blocking the spammers' user accounts would make it a bit more difficult for them to continue spamming. I hope you know who might do something about this. Are there any active administrators? - Soulkeeper 12:37, 28 January 2010 (PST)

Hi again. I noticed you deleted a page. FYI, there are several more pages ripe for deletion in Category:Spam. - Soulkeeper 08:11, 30 January 2010 (PST)

Fighting spam

Hi again and thank for the rights. There's a bit of spam coming in. Domains and phrases can be blocked via regex in LocalSettings.php but I don't have access to that file (and I suspect this feature is already in use, as I see no spam about viagra). With the extension SpamBlacklist, wiki administrators can add to a blacklist via a wiki page. This would allow me (and other admins) to blacklist spammy domains and phrases, and stop the spam before it even gets published on the wiki. I hope you will consider installing this extension. - Soulkeeper 07:26, 6 April 2011 (PDT)

Hi there- I have looked into that extension and would install it myself if I had the rights. The problem now is that I have no access to that machine. Bklaas 7 April 2011