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Release Notes

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7.7.1 Release Highlights

This release improves syncing of radio streams, improves MOG support, and includes many bug fixes.


  • Radio and Touch can now proxy radio stream data to other synced players on the LAN. This is used to enable accurate sync and bandwidth reduction for live streams when connected to MySB.

Logitech Media Server

  • Improved MOG support to allow dynamic control of artist radio stations.
  • Bug fixes.

Software Versions

  • Logitech Media Server: r33735
  • Radio: 9557
  • Touch: 9558
  • Duet (Controller): 9557
  • Duet (Receiver): 77 (unchanged)
  • Boom: 57 (unchanged)
  • Squeezebox 2/3: 137 (unchanged)
  • Transporter: 87 (unchanged)

Detailed List of 7.7.1 Changes

See this link to a detailed list of changes and bug fixes in this release.

7.7.0 Release Highlights

This release adds video and photo support for Logitech Revue and other DLNA clients. The name has been changed to Logitech Media Server.

Logitech Media Server

  • DLNA/UPnP media server for audio, video, and images.
    • Supported video file types: asf, avi, divx, flv, hdmov, m1v, m2p, m2t, m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv, mov, mpg, mpeg, mpe, mp2p, mp2t, mp4, mts, pes, ps, ts, vob, webm, wmv, xvid, 3gp, 3g2, 3gp2, 3gpp, mjpg
    • Supported image types: jpeg, png, gif, bmp
    • Transcoding is supported for audio files, but not video files.
  • Added ability to specify more than one media folder.
  • Bug fixes

Known Issues

  • The i386 ReadyNAS package for ReadyNAS NVX and Pro may report an error about the installation failing. This error appears to be misleading and the server is still installed correctly (see [1]).
  • Some 3rd party plugins may not work right with the scanner changes. Please make sure to update to the latest versions of any plugins.
  • Image and video scanning is slow compared to audio scanning. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Windows 2000 can no longer be supported.

Software Versions

  • Logitech Media Server: r33614
  • Radio: 9546
  • Touch: 9550
  • Duet (Controller): 9546
  • Duet (Receiver): 77 (unchanged)
  • Boom: 57 (unchanged)
  • Squeezebox 2/3: 137 (unchanged)
  • Transporter: 87 (unchanged)

Detailed List of 7.7.0 Changes

See this link to a detailed list of changes and bug fixes in this release.

7.6.1 Release Highlights

This release adds bug fixes found by users with Release 7.6.

Radio and Touch

  • Fixes these issues:
    • Player turns itself ON when OFF
    • Touch does not stay OFF when Sync with other players
    • Internet radio station logo or default radio tower picture not shown when playing radio station from internet

Squeezebox Server

Fixes these issues:

  • Playback
    • Unable to play tracks in Browse Music subfolders
  • Scanner
    • Scanning of music library stops prematurely if player accesses music library during scanning
    • Tracks deleted still appear in music library after New and Changed scan
    • Extra spaces in track tags not ignored, resulting in multiple entries for same artist, etc. in music library
    • For Windows, pathnames such as C:\MUSIC and c:\music are not the same
    • Tracks in playlist folder not added to music library
    • iPeng & SqueezePad app crash while scanner is running
  • Cover art
    • Artwork created by Windows Media Player not found
    • Artwork not found if tracks are WMA format
    • No artwork with AIFF files
    • Same cover art for all albums for an artist if tracks are FLAC
    • No artwork when using Mac OSX 10.4 on PPC
  • Setup
    • Unable to import or create mixes with MusicIP
    • Squeezebox Server restart sometimes required to view music library

Software Versions

  • Squeezebox Server: r33110
  • Radio: 9482
  • Touch: 9486
  • Duet (Controller): 9482
  • Duet (Receiver): 77
  • Boom: 57
  • Squeezebox 2/3: 137
  • Transporter: 87

Detailed List of 7.6.1 Changes

See this link to a detailed list of changes and bug fixes in this release.

7.6.0 Release Highlights

This release adds new apps, and many of the features and bug fixes most requested by our users.


You'll find many changes with Apps in this release:


Orange Liveradio

The Orange Liveradio experience is now available for all Squeezebox players. It's your guide to over 11,000 radio stations and 5,000 podcasts from your country and around the world. It's free too!

To add the Orange Liveradio app, go to App Gallery->Podcast Services.

TuneIn Radio


The free RadioTime app has their new name -- TuneIn. Otherwise, it's still the same great app that gives you access to over 50,000 of your local and worldwide radio stations. Find and listen to unlimited music, sports, and talk radio.

Third Party Apps for Radio and Touch


Starting with this release, Logitech offers Third Party Apps for Radio and Touch. These are created by independent app developers.

Unlike previous Squeezebox plug-ins, most of these Third Party Apps do not require Squeezebox Server. Just go to App Gallery->Third Party Apps from the home menu.

Two of the apps available with this release include:

  • BBC Radio: Listen Now and Listen Again to national, regional and local BBC stations from where ever you are in the world.
  • Font Replacer: Add Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters to your Squeezebox.

All third-party apps are not approved or tested by Logitech. Contact the app developer for support.

Players More Reliable and Easier to Use

Easier-to-read Alarm Clock

We've listened to feedback from customers and improved our Radio and Touch players and Squeezebox Controller:

  • Alarms on Radio and Touch tweaked to make them easier to use when you're barely awake
  • Better networking
    1. Improved network connectivity
    2. Simplified network connectivity indicators
    3. More troubleshooting tools to help repair networking issues
  • New simplified way to customize your home menu

More details are here.

Audiophile Changes for Radio and Touch

Fixed Volume 100% on Touch

Some changes in this release are for our audiophile users:

  • New support for higher-fidelity audio formats
    1. 24-bit ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec)
    2. Windows Media Audio 9 Lossless
    3. WMA Professional (Windows Media Audio 10)
  • When connecting an external DAC, the volume output of Touch can be set to be always at maximum. Go to Settings->Audio Settings and choose Fixed Volume

More Reliable and Versatile Squeezebox Server

We've added some of the most requested features and bug fixes to Squeezebox Server:

  • 100% new software to support accurate cataloging, sorting, searching and display of music libraries with alphabets and characters from around the world
  • More reliable scanning of your computer when cataloging your music library
Left Speaker
Right Speaker

Any Two Squeezeboxes Can Be a Stereo Pair

If you have two Squeezeboxes, you can designate them a stereo pair -- one is the left speaker and the other is the right speaker. Ideal if you have two Radios, you can actually do this with any two Squeezeboxes.

Squeezebox Server required for this new feature.

More information on configuring Squeezebox Server for some of these new features here.

Software Versions

  • Squeezebox Server: r32854 (r32901 Windows)
  • Radio: 9458
  • Touch: 9458
  • Duet (Controller): 9458
  • Duet (Receiver): 77
  • Boom: 57
  • Squeezebox 2/3: 137
  • Transporter: 87

Detailed List of 7.6 Changes

See this link to a detailed list of changes and bug fixes in this release.

Highlights of Releases Before 7.6.0

For information on releases prior to 7.6.0, go here.