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Nightly Builds

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Every night a new pre-release version of Logitech Media Server is built from the very latest software that's been updated by the development team.

This means that these "nightly" builds have the latest bug fixes and features added. It also means that there may be unfinished features and bugs. Officially, these version aren't supported by Logitech technical support, but are often discussed in our discussion forums.

If you encounter any bug or issues, please submit them to the bug database.


URL to check for the latest nightly build available

mysqueezebox.com features a page handler which is being used by Logitech Media Server to find out whether an update is available or not. This URL can come in handy if you want to set up some script to run this check yourself. Here are the most important parameters:


  • version: obviously the LMS version you're using
  • revision: its revision. If you set it to 1, then you'll always get the url for the latest build, no matter whether you've got it installed already or not.
  • os: the flavour of installer you want (deb/rpm/win/whs/osx/readynas/readynaspro/readynasarm/src/nocpan). The latter two would give you the url for the tarball with and without the CPAN binaries.
  • geturl: must be set to 1, or you'd get 1 or 0 at best, depending on whether there was an update or not available.