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Squeezebox Video

Squeezebox sounds great. What about Squeezebox video? :)

Ability to play a CD without ripping it first

You might want to play a friend's CD, for example, without having to make an "illegal" copy on your server.

Ability to replicate player preferences and interface between players, both locally via the SqueezeCenter and via the Squeezenetwork

I love the products and although quite techy by nature really find the whole manual configuration of players and the differences in the menu interfaces that results between them as a rather unfriendly annoying problem. When a user connects regularly between the Squeezenetwork and local SqueezeCenter the menus are of course again different and to a degree thats going to be unavoidable due to the nature of this totally remote service but Im sure it could be improved upon.

This problem is made even worse when a user has multiple local players connecting to their SqueezeCenter as I do. Its easy to update the date and time format on one and forget about the others or add plugins to the main menu and then get confused when your using the other player and cant find a menu that should be there. I can imagine these confusing menu differences as being a real hindrance to user friendliness for a LOT of people!

It would be fantastic if there was an option in the SqueezeCenter to automatically replicate and keep in sync all menu items.

On top of this, it would be fantastic if the SqueezeCenter could talk to the SqueezeNetwork service and synchronise the universal settings that would be possible to match. Of course local plugins on the SqueezeCenter are an issue but outside of that, basic properties light display settings, date formats, root menus, podcasts etc could I imagine all be replicated from the network to the center and even the other way if a lot of work was done.

DLNA support in Squeezebox Receiver

It would be great to use mediaservers like Zyxel NSA220.

Network setup without Squeezebox Controller

There is no way to hook up Squeezebox Receiver using SqueezeCenter console, we forced to use Squeezebox Controller instead. What can I do if I want to use an iPhone with iPeng skin installed to control my system? I don't want to pay for Controller that ain't going to use.

I'll second the guy above. You've got a slick system but I don't want another ($250) controller when the iPhone has the same connectivity and a better form factor. Charge $50 for a decent iPhone client application and you'll leap ahead of your competitors. Apple's SDK restriction on no background task shouldn't restrict you too much. The only downside is that it would be difficult to pause the stereo for an incoming call if the client wasn't running in the foreground but my amp remote would look after that.

Lack of a rating-function from WMP 11

I'm a keen fan of the windows mediaplayer interface. There are a few music management-functions that I'm really missing from squeeze center.

My music library has reached about 8000 titles from original albums and compilations. Typically, there are several songs that i don't like and some that i like. By using the WMP-5-star-rating-system, it's easier to focus on the preferred songs. Playing the music from my pc could be more comfortable if I imported my existing rating from wmp to squeeze center and i could create auto-playlists by considering e.g. genre / language / year And MY RATING. (similar to but at least without WMP). Actually, it isn't really convenient to create playlists in squeeze center.

Spotify Support

(The Spotify service is now available) You guys support loads of cool services. I belive that Spotify (http://www.spotify.com/en/) will be the next big thing. It is a huge legal library of music that streams direct to your PC. This would be amazing on the SB. It has received a lot of publicity recently.

Debian package for ARM processor

it would be very nice of you could create a package for Debian running on the ARM processor architecture. I use the BUBBA server [1] and it would make life a lot easier for many users of there was a package installable via apt-get. There are many other small servers using ARM processors so this is not just a reauest for the BUBBA :-)

Debian package for PPC processor

it would be very nice of you could create a package for Debian running on the Power PC processor architecture. It would make life a lot easier for many users of there was a package installable via apt-get.

802.11N support

It would be very nice to have 802.11n. with 802.11n we have a better connection and better stability only with my pc I see and feel it. With 802.11g the connection can be lost time to time (large distance in a house (a normal size house) now with 802.11n I have a signal of 90-100% instead of 40-50% with 802.11g.

Enterprise Wireless Security

It would be excellent if wpa_supplicant could be fully implemented / repaired and include Cisco LEAP. In my case, for the SB Radio. Having spent the last eight hours trying to get it to work, I am concluding it is best left up to someone who knows what they are doing! I am sure it is almost there and someone with a development system could add it to a build in a short amount of time. Less than eight hours at least :-). I've also written in the forum, just in case there is already a way: wpa_supplicant.

I'd be so very grateful.

ID3 Tag Editing

It would be really nice if one could edit the ID3 tags of files via the web interface.