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TinySC is an embedded version of Squeezebox Server, for Squeezebox Touch.

TinySC provides the basic functionality of Squeezebox Server for access to a music library contained on an SD card or USB drive connected directly to the Squeezebox Touch.


Feature Overview

  • Plug and play addition of a USB disk or SD card to your Squeezebox
  • TinySC will automatically scan and create a local library for the attached device
  • TinySC will take advantage of the new auto-rescan capabilities to automatically detect changes and additions to the music library
  • Control and settings management of TinySC is available from the Fab4 screen interface

Version 2

  • Other Squeezeboxes can connect to TinySC over the network to access the local library
  • Fab4 will provide network access, via Samba, to allow the user to update their library over the network


Version 1

  • TinySC does not have a general-purpose web interface, use a full SqueezeCenter installation on a desktop PC or other computer
  • TinySC does not support some older players (SLIMP3 and Squeezebox1), and is not required to support Squeezebox 3, Boom, or Duet
  • TinySC does not support transcoding
  • TinySC has limited utility while scanning your music library
    • Browse Music Folder
    • Play tracks on Fab4
  • TinySC will not support network shares of music libraries
  • The library disk must be writable and with sufficient storage space, for TinySC to keep the library cache on the disk.
  • FAT32/FAT format volumes

Version 2

  • Future releases may support read-only and additional partition types (HFS+, NTFS, EXT2/3, etc.) and the library cache stored in the built-in flash memory. Possibly includes iPod storage.

User Interface

Below is a wireframe flowchart of the user experience for plugging in or browsing into a local library.

File:TinySC UI.png


The following settings should be available, on device, for managing TinySC:

Version 1

  • Advanced
    • USB & SD Storage
      • Devices
        • USB Disk:......VOLUMENAME/none
        • Size:.........xxx MB
        • Free:.........yyy MB
        • SD Card:.......VOLUMENAME/none
        • Size:.........xxx MB
        • Free:.........yyy MB
      • Network Sharing
        • Sharing........On/Off
        • Account........Squeezebox (default to Squeezebox, allow user to enter a new one)
          • Change Account Name
        • Password.......none (default to none, allow the user to enter one)
          • Change password

The locale, language and SqueezeNetwork account information, both initially and upon subsequent changes, need to be passed from SP to SC.

Version 2

  • Advanced
    • Local Music Storage.....On/Off/Starting/Scanning
    • Music Settings
      • Composer, Band and Orchestra in Artists
      • Compilations
      • Filter genres at the album & track level.
      • Search Within Words
      • Articles To Ignore When Sorting
      • Separator for Multiple Items in Tags
      • New Music Limit
      • Group Discs
      • Reshuffle on Repeat
      • Save Shuffled Playlist
    • Player Settings
      • Long date format
      • Short date format
      • Time format
      • player X (per player, generally only ones that cannot be set using the Player-UI)
        • Play other songs in album or directory
        • Scroll mode (only for ip3k players)
    • Photos
      • ...

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