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The plan is to use Drupal for the 2nd-gen SlimDevices.com

It was designed for many of the purposes spec'd for the SqueezeWiki project and a vast wealth of user contributed Drupal plugins that provide many of the features we require are readily available:

  • High configurable/extensible file upload management
  • Highly configurable/extensible content management (CMS)
  • Plugins to automatically generate OPML / RSS
  • Definable levels of user permissions
  • Content voting / ranking / displaying based on weight of vote or ranking
  • Well documented framework for user-contributed plugins.
  • Vibrant active open-source community.

wiki.slimdevices.com Media Wiki should probably considered the "Squeeze Encyclopedia" where as the Drupal-based site will be the community driven CMS application to manage Squeeze add-ons, files, etc.