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Following the tutorial th "Next" and "Previous" buttons don't show any text. Editing /html/squeezeJS/UI.JS.Burrons.Rew and Fwd to:

this.tooltip = this.tooltip || SqueezeJS.string('Previous'); this.text = this.text || SqueezeJS.string('Previous');


this.tooltip = this.tooltip || SqueezeJS.string('Next'); this.text = this.text || SqueezeJS.string('Next');

rather than 'previous' and 'next' corrects this.

Should this be changed in the original code?

These two strings should be localized if you include the Strings.js:

<script type="text/javascript">[% PROCESS html/SqueezeJS/Strings.js %]</script>

Doesn't this work for you?