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Sync Players from SBS

You can synchronize two or more music players, so that the same music is being played in multiple parts of your house. Synchronizing can be selected for SLIMP3, Squeezebox 1, Squeezebox 2, Squeezebox Classic, Transporter, Squeezebox Receiver, Squeezebox Boom, Squeezebox Radio, Squeezebox Touch or SqueezePlay.


How to Synchronize Players

You can synchronize players using either of these ways:

  • Choose Settings->Synchronize from home menu of player or Controller.
  • In the Squeezebox Server UI (Default Skin) see the drop-down menu at top-right. There you will find an option to "Synchronize".

A list of all players is now displayed. Select the player you wish to synchronize with.

Supported Synchronization

Function Squeezebox Server MySqueezebox.com Notes
MP3 Radio Streams Yes Partial * Sync is available on MySB.com, but will not be a tight sync.
WMA Radio streams Yes Partial * SC support added in 7.3, Sync is available on MySB.com, but will not be a tight sync.
Live365/SHOUTcast/RadioIO/RadioTime Yes Partial * Sync is available on MySB.com, but will not be a tight sync.
Pandora Yes Yes
Rhapsody Yes Yes maximum of 3 streams total, but unlimited number of players (added in 7.3/Falco)
Sirius Radio Yes Partial * maximum of 1 stream total, but unlimited number of players
Slacker Yes Yes
MP3tunes Yes Yes
Last.FM Yes No ** Sync on MySB.com is unavailable at this time (Nov. 2008)
Live Music Archive Yes Yes
Local Music Files Yes N/A

* You can sync these, but the audio will most likely not be in perfect sync. The reason for this is because each player maintains its own connection to the streaming server, and may start at slightly different points in the stream.

** Last.fm uses single-use URLs for audio. On MySB.com, each player needs to request the audio separately, and this results in complete failure as additional players will receive HTTP errors instead of audio. Bug 10032


  • SqueezePlay, SoftSqueeze and Squeezeslave support being synchronized to a limited extent.
  • Synchronization only supports at most one Squeezebox 1 in a sync-group.
  • Trying to synchronize with a software player (e.g. with SqueezePlay) may result in only a loose sync. This is due to the buffering and inaccuracy of position reporting by various subsystems between the software player and the sound-card output. You might be lucky. Some adjustments are available via the WebUI under Settings / Player / player / Synchronization.
  • Other software clients, such as Winamp and XMMS cannot be synchronized to a hardware player since Squeezebox Server will have no control over the client's buffering.

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