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Squeezebox Control Panel/Preference Pane

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Setup Panel

When a user first completes installation of SC (or does a clean re-install), the following panel should be launched.

PC Version

Pc setup.png

Mac Version

Mac version is basically the same here, just with Mac-style layout.

Mac setup.png

Server Status

PC Version

Pc server status.png

Mac Version

Mac version is pretty much the same here, just with Mac-style layout.

Mac server status.png

Various Server States

Server Stopped (PC Example)

"Safe Mode" checkbox only appears when server is stopped.

Server status SERVER STOPPED.png

Server Running (PC Example)

Server status SERVER RUNNING.png

Server Running in "Safe Mode" (PC Example)


Music Scan States

Scan In Progress (PC Version)

Music scan SCAN IN PROGRESS.png

Scan Complete (PC Version)

Music scan SCAN COMPLETE.png

Music Library

PC Version

Pc music library.png

Mac Version

Mac Version doesn't include "use iTunes" checkbox (iTunes usage is assumed)

Mac music library.png

Account Settings

PC Version

Pc account settings.png

Mac Version

Mac account settings.png


Please use buttons instead of links for the log file and web UI buttons. Note new copy.

Also, only 2 checkbox options are needed for the "cleanup" area (checking both will do the same thing the third one would have done).

"Lorem Ipsum" text and the surrounding drop-down menu is intended to help solve bug 12043.

PC Version

Pc advanced.png

Mac Version

Mac advanced.png

Diagnostics (PC only)

Please incorporate the alerts shown in the troubleshooting app (space provided in bottom of wireframe).

PC Version

Pc diagnostics.png


PC Version

Pc information.png

Mac Version

Mac information.png