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Song Scanner

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Song Scanner is the ability to Fast Forward and Rewind (seeking within) songs on SqueezeCenter or SqueezeNetwork. This page is to show which players are capable of seeking with which formats.

  • L - Only for local files, not remote (Internet) streams)
  • W - Only for remote streams from a Windows Media Server, not local files.
Song Scanner Compatability
SliMP3, Squeezebox 1 Squeezebox 2 & 3 (Classic), Receiver, Boom, Transporter
AIFF No Yes (L)
FLAC Yes (L) Yes (L)
MP3 Yes Yes
OGG Yes (L) Yes (L)
WAV Yes (L) Yes (L)
Wavpack Yes (L) Yes (L)
Windows Media No Yes (W)
Windows Media Lossless No No
AAC+ No No
Apple Lossless No No
Monkey's Audio No No
Quicktime movie No No
Musepack No No