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SBR front button and LED

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The Squeezebox Receiver has one button with a TricolorLED behind it.

Button usage

  • To put Squeezebox Receiver into setup mode, press and hold the button for about 3 seconds or until it blinks slow red then release it.
  • To do a factory reset on Squeezebox Receiver, continue holding for a total of 6 seconds until it starts blinking fast red. Release and after factory reset, it will start flashing slower and be ready to set up.
  • If you press and hold the button while plugging in the Receiver, you'll see the button sequence through a series of colors and a set of ascending test tones will be played through the audio outputs.
  • While music plays the button is bright white; when paused it is dark white.

Color codes

LED color Meaning
Red (solid) Booting up
Red (blinking slow) Awaiting to be setup
Yellow Waiting for wireless to connect / Link down on ethernet
Green Network connected, waiting for DHCP to get IP address (skipped when using static IP)
Blue Waiting to connect to Squeezebox Server or MySqueezebox.com
White Connected to Squeezebox Server or MySqueezebox.com
White (blinking fast) Firmware update in progress
Red (blinking fast) Factory Reset and xilinx update in progress
Purple Hard error with blink codes, a number of blinks with a one second pause in between (Note: The white light might have a purplish tint. If it's not blinking, everything is normal.)

Hard error codes

Number of blinks Meaning
1 blink MAC address missing/bad (checked second upon boot-up)
2 blinks Wireless card missing/bad (checked first upon boot-up)
3 blinks SNV failure/error
4 blinks Upgrade error
5 blinks CPLD XSVF file open error (xilinx file)
6 blinks UUID not set/all zeros (Checked third upon boot-up)