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This page needs editing. Needs to be updated to SqueezeCenter 7.0 way of handling string localization in strings.txt

The Plugin API also allows you to add in your own localization. The format of the strings list follows the same format as the strings.txt file used by the SlimServer for localization. The function strings() can be used within the plugin to extract a strings for the user's specified language. Defining the strings is done as follows:

Example 5:

sub strings { return '<new line> PLUGIN_STRING_ONE<new line> <tab>EN<tab>English version of line one<new line> <tab>FR<tab>Version fran├žaise de la ligne une<new line> '}


The format of the strings list is very strict. The whitespace must be a tab, not spaces, which is why the <tab>s and <new line> are shown above.

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