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Hardware mods

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Title Description Author Compatibility Last Updated

Amplifiers with SB3 Onboard Power Supply

MGL Audio Laboratories offers compact-sized digital amplifiers with onboard linear power supply for the Squeezebox. Michael Lihl SB2/SB3

Red Wine Upgrades

Red Wine Audio offers audiophile modifications for Squeezebox2, including battery conversion and analog output stage mods. Vinnie Rossi SB2

Bolder Cable Upgrade

Bolder Cable offers upgrades to Squeezebox2 for audiophiles, including analog and digital modifications. Bolder Cable SB2

Hi-Fi SqueezeBox

A two-box audiophile SB in aluminium and hardwood enclosures with 6mm smoked aqua-blue glass facias. At-Tunes SB2/SB3 May 07

SlimServer on LinkStation

Detailed instructions for installing SlimServer on a Buffalo LinkStation.

Marc Field SB1/SB2/SB3 LinkStation1/2 TerraStation

Squeezebox Hot Tub

Brad Fitzpatrick, LiveJournal's founder, installed a Squeezebox in the gazebo of his hot tub. Imagine playing the music stored on your computer through WiFi to your hot tub! Brad Fitzpatrick SB1/SB2

Custom Case

A custom case for his Squeezebox... Felix Mueller SB1/SB2


Damon Green has put his SLIMP3 into a chassis from a 1950's QUAD tuner. Retro cool! Damon Green SLIMP3

In-Wall SLIMP3

Nav Dhunay has a customized in-wall SLIMP3. Nav Dhunay SLIMP3

Rack-mount Cabinet

Nick Ryman-Tubb as created a custom rack-mount cabinet for Squeezebox. Nick Ryman-Tubb SB1/SB2 2004-09-27

I2C Expansion

Felix Mueller shows how to expand the SLIMP3 using its server-accessible i2c bus. He uses an 8-bit I/O expander to provide remote power-on for his amplifier. Felix Mueller SLIMP3

Squeezebox Case

Custom high-end Squeezebox case. BigHam

SLIMP3 Boom Box

Eric Olson has created a portable SLIMP3 boom box! Eric Olson SLIMP3

Wall mount Squeezebox

Randall has built a beautiful case to mount his Squeezebox in the wall. Randall SB1/SB2

Wi-Fi Hi-Fi In The Bathroom

A terrific Squeezebox in-wall installation in the bathroom. Alistair SB1/SB2

RetroSqueeze Prototype

Mating a 50's Valve Radio with Squeezebox. MK1.5 now complete, MKII in planning phase! Enrico Salad SB1/SB2

Transporter case

A clear case for Transporter Felix Mueller Transporter 2007-10-25

In-Wall mount Squeezebox3

In-wall mount for SB3 Kim Kuylen SB3 2008-03-16