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Thought we could maybe compile a list of Plugins wanted - and see if anyone is willing to share either a plugin - or an idea of how someone might go about writing one?

  1. TransportationUpdatePlugin (I am looking for one which will give me rail and traffic reports for London UK)
  2. DvbPlugin (For radio stations and other audio distributed via Satellite (DVB-S) and Digital Terrestrial (DVB-T))
  3. ID3TagEditorPlugin (Provide the ability to correct mis-tagged MP3 files via the "Song Info" page)
  4. RecordPlugin (Provide the ability to hit a "record" button while they are listening to an internet radio broadcast or schedule times to start/stop recording from internet streams.)
  5. VlcPlayerPlugin (Remote control VLC for video playback)
  6. BrowseByCategory (Browse by category settings)
  7. CoverArtFinder (Provide the ability to find and install missing cover art from various sources on internet)
  8. MultipleAccountLogins Provide integration with LDAP or create multiple login accounts
  9. UploadPlaylist Upload a list of played songs to a server. Similar to Blogamp [1] (for Winamp) or AMIP[2] (Winamp/WMP)
  10. 3rdPartyAudioStream (Stream audio from a 3rd party media player to the squeezecenter, which then routes the audio to a selected squeezebox player) | -> look at the Wave Input Plugin, which does what you want IMHO: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/WaveInput_plugin
  11. JangoPlugin (Stream audio from the internet music service Jango at www.jango.com)
  12. iTunesRemotePlugin (Use your iPhone/iPod Touch to control your squeezebox)
  13. VolumeControlApplet (Disable software volume control of Squeezebox on Controller and use Squeezebox Controller to control your amplifier volume via IR)
  14. DVDAudioPlugin When watching DVDs on computer, allow soundtrack to be heard via Squeezebox. This would save constantly rearranging leads and speakers.
  15. MusicQuizPlugin Music quiz similar to the one on a Ipod
  16. InvertDisplayPlugin I've had my Squeezebox v3 for a few years now, and I'm beginning to notice some "burn in" on the screen (when not in use, it is always displaying the SuperDateTime screensaver, on one of the dimmer brightness settings). To combat this, it would be nice if I could invert the display (black on green instead of green on black).
  17. Volume Adjustment Target Replaygain and automatic volume adjustment is great, but the default target of RMS -12db can significantly drop the volume levels of standard audio - meaning that the outputs can sometimes be a bit low for the amplifier you are running - most importantly including BOOM. It would be nice to be able to choose to give something back to replaygain/auto adjust volume titles to put the result back into the region where you can saturate your amplifier/speakers to their max, or reduce the difference between titles with and without replaygain information. Like in Foobar: I boost my songs by 4db above the Replaygain recommendation if they have replaygain info, and drop titles down by 4 db if they have no replaygain info, which tends to even things out between songs with and without replaygain info. It also reduces the output differences between mutliple digital devices on an amplifier when using auto volume adjust and switching away from the squeeze device to say a DVD player etc - with a potential 12db difference in output this could be speaker saving!
  18. Songbird Integration Itunes like library integration to the Songbird database. This will replace the folder rescan by SqueezeCentre. It will pick up all song metadata, as well as artwork.
  19. WeatherAlertPlugin Interrupts the currently playlist to deliver severe weather warnings from NOAA. Should be configurable so that the user can set their location and choose exactly the types of watches/warnings to deliver. User should be able to resume the playlist after hearing the warning message.
  20. Spoken Menus and Optional Song Announcements To make SqueezeBox usable for visually impared people, an option for spoken menus, and an optional configurable song announcement (on/off/random only (like smart gain), with an option to announce tags like artist, album, and song) would be very good to have.
  21. Delete File It would be nice if it was possible to delete a file from the Squeezebox server web interface or from the Squeezebox controller.
  22. Music Queue Probably more of a feature than just a plugin. This would allow you to create a queue of the next songs to play. So as songs are playing you could use a controller to navigate through the collection and "Add to queue". The ability to edit the queue from a controller would be nice but not as essential as being able to edit the queue from a web interface. Also really useful would be the ability to define what happens when the queue runs out and becomes empty, for example: stop | random | playlist ____ | random from playlist ______ | internet radio station _______ .
    1. on the SB-Radio and Controller it is possible to do this by pressing + (on a song or album) and "add to end"
    2. I tried that feature but it is pretty horribly implemented. Biggest thing is there is no ability to specify what happens when the queue is empty. It really isn't clear what "play last" means (is "play next" supposed to add it to the queue as well, seems to just wipe the queue for me) and half the time it seems to lose the list of songs and I have to start over. I haven't found a way to see the list of songs it thinks is in the "play last" queue nor a way to get back to playing the queue if you do anything else. It also requires too many controls to be hit to find and add a song. It would be far better to just get a big list of songs, sorted by artist, album title or or song title then hit one control to add to the queue, As it is currently implemented I would say it really isn't useful, it is too cumbersome and fragile.
  23. DownloadPlaylist Have a 'Download [ZIP]' Button in the Squeeze Box Server Playlist UI to download the entire playlist as zipfile. (Have a look at M3ufs, this will give you a similar feature)
  24. WimpPlugin A Wimp [3] plugin would be great, initially with support for playback and search -> now available in Squeezebox Server 7.5+
  25. SpotifyPlugin (Now available as plugin) A Spotify [4] plugin would be great, initially with support for playback and search
  26. daapPlugin Access Squeezebox library via iTunes home sharing.