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Playlist formats

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These are the playlist formats supported by Squeezebox Server.


The M3U playlist file is line oriented. It is used by Winamp, XMMS and many more.

Each line can be

  • a comment, starting with the character '#'
  • an URL, file name or web location


The PLS playlist file has a syntax similar to Windows .ini files. It is used used for playing Shoutcast and Icecast streams. Additionally to the file list, it can provide the song title and length.


The Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX) playlist file uses an XML syntax. It is used frequently on streaming video servers where multiple ASF files are to be played in succession. It can provide information and parameters to the multimedia content.

It is meant to point to .asf files only.


The CUE sheet file describes the position and the information of multiple tracks within one audio file. It is basically used for CD burning where the source audio is a single file. It is also used in MP3 players which can thus store the entire audio content in a single file too.


The Windows Media Player Playlist (WPL) file uses the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) XML syntax, which is a W3C recommendation.


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