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Connecting to the SBC with WINSCP

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Once you have downloaded WINSCP from http://winscp.net/eng/download.php start the program from Programs -> WinSCP -> WinSCP

When the application starts you will see the login dialog (like below)

Winscp login.PNG

I have entered the following information

  • Hostname = *
  • Username = root
  • Password = 1234 *
  • Protocol = SCP
* use whatever IP Address and Password you were given when you enabled SSH on the SBC

You should save the login with a friendly name so that you don't have to type the details in each time.

Winscp save.PNG

After you save the entry you will be shown this dialog, or if you exit and reload WinSCP.

Winscp login1.PNG

Click on the Login button which will start the process of logging in.

Winscp login2.PNG

You should see something similar to the above dialog as the process of logging in proceeds.

Winscp login3.PNG

I have noticed that I get this error everytime I logon - I assume it just means that the SBC does not support groups. So nothing to worry about, click OK and you will get the main screen.

Winscp mainscreen.PNG

I have navigated up to the root folder and then down into /usr/share/jive/applets

Winscp timeout.png

If you see this message it may be simply that your SBC has gone to sleep - grab it and give it a small shake and it should come back to life and then work fine.