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A BlackBerry is a mobile phone, often with wifi capabilities. Since the Slim Devices remote is expensive, and lacks a keyboard, it has ocurred to many that it would be desirable to control the Squeezebox with a BlackBerry. This can be done when a Squeezebox Server is running on your network.

Here's how: Your BlackBerry must have WiFi (the Curve 8320 does, for example)

  1. Connect your BlackBerry to your WiFi network
  2. Change the settings in your browser on your BlackBerry (Options>Browser Configuration>Browser) to Wi-Fi Browser (or for some carriers/OS versions use Hotspot Browser)
  3. Enter the address of your Squeezebox Server. You can get the address from your Squeezebox Server (usually accessed at From the Squeezebox Server, click on Settings in the lower right hand of the screen. Then click on the status tab and look for this line:
    Server IP address:
  4. Type into your BlackBerry browser the above address, follwed by :9000/handheld
    So for example,
  5. This will give you the handheld skin, and allow you to navigate through Squeezebox Server, play music, adjust volume, etc.
  6. Rather than switching back and forth between Internet Browser and Wi-fi/Hotspot Browser when using your Slim Device, you can set a bookmark for the address in 4. above that automatically uses the correct browser.
Nota Bene for novices

To save yourself frustration, it's probably best to first verify you can connect to the Squeezebox Server by typing the URL into a laptop that is connected to your WiFi network, if one is available. If you see the skin and can play music, you'll know that your network is working and you have the right IP address.

For those receiving HTTP Errors, be sure to check the details in this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=53609