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Open Migration Issues

  • Write some nice marketing content for the Squeezebox Family Hardware Overview stub. Should be a general overview of the product and design philosophy, not a list of hardware features.
  • Uncategorized and Orphaned pages
See Special pages in the toolbox on the left hand column. Track down and fix any uncategorized or orphaned pages.
  • Check and repair inline images
Some inline images did not come over with the correct name. These need to be fixed (generally by correcting the case of the filename).
  • Literal code quotes
As Brandon (who did the really hard work for this migration) said: Most of those cases fall into "forget even trying to autmoatically parse this" The code fragments need to be checked and corrected.
  • Non-image attachments need to be moved to this wiki
The following pages (and possibly others) have non-image attachments that are currently in this wiki as links to the old one. They need to be moved to this wiki.
  • Resolve all instance of "SlimServer" to "SqueezeCenter (formerly known as SlimServer)" unless the content is specific to an older version of SlimServer.