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Hardware mods

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Title Description Author Compatibility Last Updated

Amplifiers with SB3 Onboard Power Supply

MGL Audio Laboratories offers compact-sized digital amplifiers with onboard linear power supply for the Squeezebox. [Michael Lihl mailto:michael@mglaudiolabs.com] SB2/SB3

Red Wine Upgrades

Red Wine Audio offers audiophile modifications for Squeezebox2, including battery conversion and analog output stage mods. [Vinnie Rossi mailto:vinnie@redwineaudio.com] SB2

Bolder Cable Upgrade

Bolder Cable offers upgrades to Squeezebox2 for audiophiles, including analog and digital modifications. [Bolder Cable mailto:BolderCable@comcast.net] SB2

Hi-Fi SqueezeBox

A two-box audiophile SB in aluminium and hardwood enclosures with 6mm smoked aqua-blue glass facias. [At-Tunes mailto:sb2@at-view.co.uk] SB2/SB3 Feb 06

SlimServer on LinkStation

Detailed instructions for installing SlimServer on a Buffalo LinkStation.

Marc Field SB1/SB2/SB3 LinkStation1/2 TerraStation

Squeezebox Hot Tub

Brad Fitzpatrick, LiveJournal's founder, installed a Squeezebox in the gazebo of his hot tub. Imagine playing the music stored on your computer through WiFi to your hot tub! Brad Fitzpatrick SB1/SB2

Custom Case

A custom case for his Squeezebox... Felix Mueller SB1/SB2


Damon Green has put his SLIMP3 into a chassis from a 1950's QUAD tuner. Retro cool! Damon Green SLIMP3

In-Wall SLIMP3

Nav Dhunay has a customized in-wall SLIMP3. Nav Dhunay SLIMP3

Rack-mount Cabinet

Nick Ryman-Tubb as created a custom rack-mount cabinet for Squeezebox. Nick Ryman-Tubb SB1/SB2 2004-09-27

I2C Expansion

Felix Mueller shows how to expand the SLIMP3 using its server-accessible i2c bus. He uses an 8-bit I/O expander to provide remote power-on for his amplifier. Felix Mueller SLIMP3

Squeezebox Case

Custom high-end Squeezebox case. [BigHam mailto:jasonbigham@gmail.com]

SLIMP3 Boom Box

Eric Olson has created a portable SLIMP3 boom box! Eric Olson SLIMP3

Wall mount Squeezebox

Randall has built a beautiful case to mount his Squeezebox in the wall. Randall SB1/SB2

Wi-Fi Hi-Fi In The Bathroom

A terrific Squeezebox in-wall installation in the bathroom. Alistair SB1/SB2

RetroSqueeze Prototype

Mating a 50's Valve Radio with Squeezebox. MK1.5 now complete, MKII in planning phase! Enrico Salad SB1/SB2

Transporter case

A clear case for Transporter Felix Mueller Transporter 2007-10-25

In-Wall mount Squeezebox3

In-wall mount for SB3 Kim Kuylen SB3 2008-03-16