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Christchurch Weather Live

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Christchurch Weather Live is a web site that I maintain that shows the current weather conditions for Christchurch, New Zealand.

I have wrote an applet for the Squeezebox Controller to display some of this data within the controllers screens.

  • The applet is very specific to Christchurch, New Zealand but people may be interested in the source code.
  • The applet makes HTTP requests and renders Images and Text to the controller.
  • The applet is written in the LUA programming language.

My applets have a repository at http://squeezebox.crowe.co.nz/appletrepository.xml - see Installing an applet for details of how to install the applet.

Live Sample

For a live example of the data see my web site at http://weather.crowe.co.nz/Squeezebox/

Screen Shots


WeatherLive2.png WeatherLive5.png

WeatherLive6.png WeatherLive7.png

WeatherLive8.png WeatherLive9.png WeatherLive10.png

WeatherLive3.png WeatherLive4.png

The Source Code

When you download the applet you get the full source code. You can directly download the applet from http://squeezebox.crowe.co.nz or use my applet respository at http://squeezebox.crowe.co.nz/appletrepository.xml