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SqueezePlay 7.5.0 Release Notes

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Introducing Squeezebox Touch

The release of 7.5.0 software for SqueezePlay and Squeezebox Server brings in the newest platform in the Squeezebox product line, the Squeezebox Touch. The Squeezebox Touch is a network music player intended for use in either an existing AV system or by using powered speakers. The Squeezebox Touch can also serve as a wonderful tabletop controller for other squeezeboxes in the house. Finally, the Squeezebox Touch brings the ability to act as the home's digital music server, streaming audio via either an SD card or USB attached storage.

Touch and Remote Skin Behavior

The Squeezebox Touch has two user interfaces or "skins" available, depending on the type of user input. It comes with a touch interface, aka "small text" skin, and a remote interface, aka "large text" skin. The small text skin was designed for touch or close user interaction, and the large text skin was designed for use with the IR remote, principally for viewing adequately from a few meters away.

Small Text "Touch" Skin

The small text skin employs touchable buttons and a touch-optimized Now Playing screen.


Large Text "Remote" Skin

The large text skin simplifies the layout to text only and bumps up the font size significantly for distance viewing.


Squeezebox Touch's Embedded Squeezebox Server

One of the most ambitious parts of the 7.5.0 release was adding the ability of Squeezebox Touch to run its own embedded server and stream music from attached storage, either an SD card or from a drive attached to the device's USB port. This removes the need for a user to have a server on a PC running to deliver locally stored digital music.

This feature has it's own wiki page

Scrolling Long Lists

Scrolling long lists is easier and more efficient on the Squeezebox Touch than any previous squeezebox product. By far.

Swipe Gestures

A swipe across the screen from left to right will take you to the Home menu. A swipe in the other direction (right to left) will go to Now Playing.

Global Search

Searching a variety of sources is now much simpler through a unified search item on the home menu.

Shortcuts (beta)

When browsing through menus on the Squeezebox Touch, the default behavior of the top left button is to go back one window. The default behavior of the right button is to go to the Now Playing screen. With the shortcuts feature, these default behaviors (and many others) can be modified.

Context Menu Support

Context menus have been available since 7.4.0 and Squeezebox Radio release. Here are some demonstrations of their use on Squeezebox Touch.

Image Viewer

The Squeezebox Touch's 480x272 color LCD can be used to view image slideshows, both through internet services like Flickr streams, and from pictures stored on attached storage like a digital camera's SD card or a USB drive.

Now Playing Views

All Squeezeplay-based products (currently Controller, Radio, and Touch) have different window layouts or "views" available on the Now Playing screen. On controller and radio, there are full bleed artwork and padded artwork views, which can be toggled between by turning the scroll wheel/knob when in the Now Playing screen. On Touch, there are many more views available-- artwork + text, artwork only, text only, as well as visualizers.

Controller and Radio Now Playing Views


ControllerNoFullBleed.png ControllerFullBleed.png


RadioNoFullBleed.png RadioFullBleed.png

Squeezebox Touch Now Playing Views, including Visualizers

Demonstration of Legacy Features on Squeezebox Touch

Wallpaper and Screensaver Selection

Customize the look of the Squeezebox Touch with different wallpapers and screensavers

Controlling other players

Squeezebox Touch, Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Controller all have the capability of controlling the audio of other players in the network.

Current Playlist Window

Multiple Squeezebox Synchronization

This feature has been available for years in the Squeezebox products. Here is a demonstration of using it on the Squeezebox Touch.

Other Key Bugs Fixed

10105 Visualizers for Squeezeplay

11506 Napster WMA playback does not sync correctly when started

14489 Touch/Baby reboots sporadically, in relation to WMAs

14515 Switching local player to new server (SbS or mySB) loses sync groups

15239 Alarm starts with loud volume, then drops to the alarm starting volume

15608 Some m4a files encoded by Nero crash fab4

15809 MP4 (AAC) file encoded with ffmpeg may not play because of use of unsupported encoding type

15840 Squeezeplay-based players may sometimes fail with MP4 files (AAC-LC, HD-AAC or ALAC)

7917 Bridged setup difficult to achieve

14742 When headphones plugged in, alarm should come through main speaker

14972 SBC unable to WOL server

14945 SBC is rebooting (unknown cause)

Exhaustive Bug List

All bugs fixed in 7.5.0