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Pre-7.5.0 Release Notes

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7.4.2 Release Highlights

This release fixes Squeezebox Radio bugs found by 7.4.1 users. It is required when operating the Radio with the optional battery.

  • Squeezebox Server
    • Improved alarm reliability.
    • Various scanner-related tag reading fixes.
    • Fixed audio glitches at the end of WAV/AIFF files.
    • Fixed gapless playback when playing PCM on Squeezebox 1.
  • Radio
    • Improved alarm reliability
    • Improved network connectivity with MySqueezebox.com. Improves alarm reliability when connected only to MySqueezebox.com
    • Maintains battery charge
  • Software Versions
    • Squeezebox Server: 30215
    • Radio: 8423
    • No change to software for Controller, Squeezebox 2 / 3, Transporter, Receiver and Boom

Detailed release notes for Squeezeplay-related changes (Controller, Radio) in 7.4.2.

Complete List of 7.4.2 Changes

See this list of Squeezebox Server changes in this release.

7.4.1 Release Highlights

This release fixes bugs found by 7.4.0 users. It also provides Squeezebox Server support for platforms not supported in 7.4.0. Highlights include:

Detailed release notes for Squeezeplay-related changes (Controller, Radio) in 7.4.1

  • Squeezebox Server
    • Official release for ReadyNAS and Windows Home Server systems
    • Fixed bugs preventing successful scan of your iTunes library
    • Resolved issue with blank screen or inoperative remote with Squeezebox 2/3, Boom, Transporter or Classic after upgrading to 7.4.0
    • Fixed various issues with non-Latin characters
      1. Displaying, searching, scanning tracks or folder names, including My Music->Music Folder
      2. Favorites with non-Latin characters in URL
    • Support the Queen app with Squeezebox Players
    • Fixed miscellaneous bugs when scanning your music library
  • Controller
    • Fixed bug that sometimes displayed blank Music Folders erroneously
    • Fixed bug in 7.4.0 which made Controller less responsive after a few hours. Noticeable when using volume, FWD, REW buttons or viewing on-screen text scrolling
    • Home button now works as it did in 7.3.3
    • Playlists with 600-800 tracks now supported
  • Radio
    Squeezebox Radio Now Playing
    • Now Playing screen artwork enlarged to fill screen
    • Can now choose all times for alarm when displaying 24 hour clock
    • Fixed bug with audio playback when Radio left off overnight
    • Fixed bug preventing playback of some internet radio MP3 streams
    • Line In input stays on
    • Improved Power button reliability
  • Software Versions
    • Squeezebox Server: 28947
    • Controller: 7915
    • Radio: 7915
    • No change to software for Squeezebox 2 / 3, Transporter, Receiver and Boom

Complete List of 7.4.1 Changes

See this list of addressed Squeezebox Server and player changes in this release

7.4.0 Release Highlights

Detailed release notes for Squeezeplay-related changes (Controller, Radio) in 7.4.0

There are many significant changes for this release. The goals for this release were to:

Squeezebox Radio
SqueezeNetwork is now MySqueezebox.com
SqueezeCenter is now Squeezebox Server
  • Support Squeezebox Radio
  • Make it easier to understand and use the Squeezebox ecosystem
  • New look and new name for SqueezeNetwork
  • New look, menus, and features for Squeezebox Controller
  • Add new services
    • Facebook
    • Flickr
  • Add new features
    • New Squeezebox Server Control Panel for Windows, Squeezebox Console for Windows Home Server, and Squeezebox Preference Pane for OSX as a shortcut to common activities
    • Official support for Czech, Polish, and Russian languages
  • Fix miscellaneous bugs
  • Software Versions
    • SqueezeCenter: 28672
    • Squeezebox 2 and 3: 130
    • Transporter: 80
    • Receiver: 65
    • Boom: 50
    • Controller: 7790
    • Radio: 7790

Upgrade to 7.4.0 Required

Required for SqueezeNetwork Users

If you connect your players to SqueezeNetwork at any time, then you must upgrade to 7.4. The magnitude of the improvements require previous 7.x users to upgrade to this release. Find out more about upgrading to 7.4 by clicking here. This is especially important to read if you are upgrading to 7.4 on a ReadyNAS.

Not Required for SqueezeCenter Only Users

If you are running ONLY SqueezeCenter and NEVER connect to SqueezeNetwork, you are of course not required to upgrade. Music Services will continue to work as before.

Switch Library screen

Introducing the Squeezebox Radio

The Squeezebox Radio provides Boom-like sound with a color Controller interface at a price lower than Boom. Follow this link to find out more.

Home Menu

Easier-to-use Squeezebox Ecosystem

Our customers have asked us for a simpler, easier to use and understand ecosystem for the Squeezebox. The first steps to accomplish this are in this release. These changes will require current users to re-learn the new names and new ways of finding music, but we believe they will overall improve the user experience.

This new ecosystem affects all Squeezebox players and controllers using Squeezebox Server 7.4 or using only MySqueezebox.com. Running earlier versions, such as SqueezeCenter 7.3.3, is possible but somewhat unpleasant. Please click here to find out more about the hassles you'll encounter.

Create Account

Descriptive Names

  • SqueezeNetwork is now called MySqueezebox.com.
  • SqueezeCenter software is now called Squeezebox Server

Smarter Music Source Connectivity (Squeezebox Duet and Radio only)

It's now easier to continue listening to a music service or Internet radio when you turn off your PC or Mac. Now, when you turn off Squeezebox Server you'll be prompted to switch to MySqueezebox.com to continue listening to music. When you turn Squeezebox Server back on, you'll be prompted to switch back to Squeezebox Server if you want to listen to your music files.

  • If you feel more comfortable manually switching between MySqueezebox.com and your local Squeezebox Server you can put this choice on your home menu:
    1. Go to Settings->Home Menu
    2. Scroll down to almost bottom of list
    3. Click on Switch to mysqueezebox.com
New Look Controller

Menus Contain Only the Music Services, Internet Radio Providers, Music Stores, and Extras You Want

You can now put only the music services, Internet radio providers, music stores, and Extras you use on the home menu. For Squeezebox Duet and Radio only, choose the ones you want from the App Gallery option on the home menu. Any items chosen are available in the My Apps option on the home menu.

This feature has replaced many options on the Home Menu. Read more about Squeezebox Apps, App Gallery, and My Apps here.

Simpler Player Setup

Setting up your player can now be completed using only your player.

  • Entry of player PIN no longer required. You may see a screen displaying a PIN. Please ignore it. Do not go to www.mysqueezebox.com to enter it.
  • Create MySqueezebox and music services account directly from the player. No need to log on with your web browser or click on e-mail links to create MySqueezebox.com accounts.
  • No need to choose music services during setup. Create Music Service accounts from the player only when you want to.

New Look and New Name for SqueezeNetwork

SqueezeNetwork has a whole new look and a new name -- MySqueezebox.com. It has the same functionality as the old SqueezeNetwork but with a cleaner, fresher look. You now manage music services or Internet radio providers with App Gallery and My Apps. The latest released copy of Squeezebox Server is also available from MySqueezebox.com.

Flickr Menu

New Look for Squeezebox Controller

We've freshened up the Squeezebox Controller's look, menus, and sounds to match the Squeezebox Radio. It's now easier to read and use. Find out more here.


Social Networking Services

We've added social networking services. Stay in touch with everyone while you're rocking to your Squeezebox!

Squeezebox Server Control Panel


Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. Enter you Facebook account from your Squeezebox to browse through your Facebook account. View your News Feed, My Wall for your account and your Facebook Friends.

On Squeezebox Radio and Controller, view Your Photos for your account and your Facebook Friends. Choose Facebook as your screensaver to view the latest News or Photos.

Flickr (Squeezebox Duet and Radio only)

Share your photos and watch the world with Flickr on your Squeezebox Radio or Squeezebox Controller. Enter your account to allow you to view the photos you've uploaded by browsing with the Flickr app or by choosing Flickr as your screensaver.

You can also view Flickr's vast collection of photos by various categories -- those tagged as "Interesting" ones, Recent photos, or ones with specific tags. Choose the categories you want to see by logging onto your Flickr account.

Squeezebox Server Control Panel

The Squeezebox Server has a new, handy Control Panel quickly available from the Squeezebox icon on your Windows desktop. Click on Open Control Panel to perform your most common maintenance tasks. To control players or access all features of Squeezebox Server, click on Open Web Control.

The same features are available from the Squeezebox Console for Windows Home Server and the Squeezebox Preference Pane for OSX.

Complete List of 7.4.0 Changes

See this list of addressed SqueezeCenter and player changes in this release

7.3.3 Release Highlights

  • Over 30 bugs detracting from the enjoyment of playing music with a Duet have been fixed. See Squeezebox Controller section below for details.
  • SqueezeCenter now includes built-in support for iTunes/AAC files, and AAC/AAC+ Internet radio streams. No support for these radio streams if player connected directly to SqueezeNetwork.
    • Allows playing of iTunes/AAC files on Linux-based computers. Previously supported only if user made custom changes.
    • Database rescan by user NOT required to enable support on Windows, Mac or Linux systems. Just play these tracks normally.
  • Includes support for Classical.com, Mediafly, and Napster services in SqueezeCenter. Squeezebox customers can get special free trial accounts. Log into SqueezeNetwork and go to the Accounts tab.
  • Player firmware supports Ogg Vorbis streams (64kbit/s and greater). For a directory of Vorbis streams, check out xiph.org.
  • Software Versions
    • SqueezeCenter: 27044
    • Squeezebox 2 and 3: 127
    • Transporter: 77
    • Receiver: 62
    • Boom: 47
    • Controller: 6038

Squeezebox Controller

  • Wireless connection
    • Wake up from suspend and connect to SqueezeCenter or SqueezeNetwork reliably
    • Switch between SqueezeCenter and SqueezeNetwork reliably even if SqueezeCenter computer turned off previously. This can be done manually by choosing Settings->Music Source. At this time, there is no automatic switching to SqueezeNetwork when your SqueezeCenter computer is turned off.
    • Improve compatibility with known problem wireless access points and routers, as well as other connectivity issues. (busybox and file structure updated)
    • Better status reporting by wireless icon
  • Improved battery life
    • Go to suspend sooner
    • Restart suspend timer only if buttons are pressed
    • Wake up from suspend only if picked up
    • Turns off Controller when battery deep discharge condition encountered
  • Improve likelihood of hassle-free out-of-box setup
  • Miscellaneous annoying user interface bugs fixed. Highlights include these bugs:
    • Radio station logos missing on Now Playing screen
    • Can't get into a menu unless you return to Home menu first
  • New Diagnostics screen. Helpful if you're calling Tech Support about a problem or are just curious. Go to Settings->Advanced->Diagnostics.
  • If the Software Update repeatedly fails to successfully update, you can either Factory Reset your Controller or manually stop and restart SqueezeCenter.

Updating the Controller

Follow these instructions to update the Controller’s software:

  • If Music Source is your computer (Local SqueezeCenter):
    • If you are running SqueezeCenter 7.3.0 or higher, then the Controller screen will prompt you to update within 12-24 hours. You can also update software manually by going to Settings->Advanced->Software Update from the Controller’s Home menu. We recommend upgrading to SqueezeCenter 7.3.3 in all cases.
    • If you are running SqueezeCenter version 7.2.1 or earlier, then you must upgrade to SqueezeCenter 7.3.3 or higher first. We recommend upgrading to SqueezeCenter 7.3.3 in all cases.
    • Power off your Controller and then power it back on (hold down the button with the picture of the house on front of the Controller to turn it ON or OFF) after the upgrade to SqueezeCenter 7.3.3 and firmware r6038. This will work around a bug with showing album art consistently on the Controller screen.
  • If Music Source is SqueezeNetwork:
    • The Software Update screen will automatically appear. You may have to wait up to 24 hours after the update until the screen appears. You can also update software manually by going to Settings->Advanced->Software Update from the Controller’s Home menu, but you may still have to wait up to 24 hours before the option to select r6038 appears.

Switching Duet's Music Source Between SqueezeCenter and SqueezeNetwork

Many users regularly switch their music source between SqueezeCenter and SqueezeNetwork, sometimes even daily. Changes in this release will improve the reliability of this switching.

However, this switching can result in the Duet Controller losing the improvements contained in this release. When a Controller connects to SqueezeNetwork, it will update its software to version r6038. However, when your Controller switches back to SqueezeCenter, and the SqueezeCenter version is earlier than 7.3.0, the Duet Controller software will automatically revert to an earlier version without these improvements. Users that regularly switch music source between SqueezeCenter and SqueezeNetwork should update their SqueezeCenter to 7.3.3.

Squeezebox Boom

  • Line In jack can be enabled from front panel again
  • Pressing OFF button on Boom remote now turns Boom "off" instead of "standby"

Norman Antivirus Users

Complete List of Changes

See this list of addressed SqueezeCenter and player changes in this release, and this list for Controller changes.

7.3.2 Release Highlights

  • Improved playback of high-resolution audio tracks. Sound eXchange (SoX) now resamples higher-rate FLAC or Ogg tracks to lower sample-rate FLAC compatible with your player. Previous 7.3.1 release resampled only to MP3 format.
  • Summary of higher sample-rate capabilities:
Player SqueezeCenter 7.2 New in 7.3
SB2, SB3, Receiver, Boom 24/48 tracks 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/176.4, 24/192 tracks
Transporter 24/88.2, 24/96 tracks 24/176.4, 24/192 tracks
  • For SB1 and SliMP3 players, higher sample-rate tracks are resampled into MP3 format.
  • Improved handling of Rhapsody streams
  • Player sync reliable even if SqueezeCenter server was sleeping previously, and several other sync-related fixes
  • Recognize iTunes files named with letters not in range A-Z; that is, accented or non-latin characters
  • Display full file name instead of Windows' short file name for files with unicode in the path/name (Windows only)
  • Firmware versions
    • Squeezebox 2 and 3: 123
    • Transporter: 73
    • Receiver: 58
    • Boom: 43
    • Controller: No change

Squeezebox Boom

  • Reduces power consumption by turning its amplifier off when Boom turned OFF
  • Alarms set for specific days while SqueezeCenter was OFF no longer ring daily
  • Sound from speakers tweaked (crossover now 4th order instead of 2nd order)

Squeezebox Controller

Complete List of Changes

See this list of addressed changes in this release.

7.3.1 Release Highlights

  • Fixes loud and annoying chirp noise heard intermittently when playing Rhapsody tracks
  • Fixes issue with playing some audio formats and streams from SqueezeCenter on ReadyNAS platform
  • Improved reliability when installing SqueezeCenter on Windows Vista PC
  • Firmware versions
    • Squeezebox 2 and 3: 121
    • Transporter: 71
    • Receiver: 56
    • Boom: 41

Complete List of Changes

See this list of addressed changes in this release.

7.3 Release Highlights

Detailed release notes for Squeezeplay-related changes (Controller) in 7.3

  • Improved support for playing the same music on Squeezebox players in multiple parts of your house -- "sync"
    • Improved synchronization and reliability of music streams from sync'd players
    • Sync Internet radio, music services or your music library
    • Adding/removing players for sync same on all players and Controller
    • No software limits on number of players in sync
    • Crossfade and gapless playback now supported during player sync
Amazon.com Purchase
  • Fast Forward or Rewind within a track or some streams
    • Track formats: WAV, MP3, FLAC, Ogg, Wavepack
    • Stream formats: HTTP/MP3, Rhapsody, MP3Tunes,
  • Support for Deezer Webradio and Smartradio in France, Germany, and United Kingdom
Extension Downloader
  • Buy a CD of the music you're listening to or browse the Amazon store and purchase CDs from Amazon using your Controller or Squeezebox. Available in Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • New Extension Downloader to simplify adding popular SqueezeCenter plugins
    • Go to Settings->Advanced in SqueezeCenter and choose Extension Downloader from drop-down menu.
    • The Extension Downloader can be redirected to third-party plugin repositories listed here.
    • NOTE: Don't forget to restart SqueezeCenter after installing a plugin.
  • First Logitech release for ReadyNAS Pro platform
  • Firmware versions
    • Squeezebox 2 and 3: 120
    • Transporter: 70
    • Receiver: 55
    • Boom: 40
    • Controller: 3476
  • New web skin optimized for use with screen readers

Squeezebox Player Support

  • Improved reliability of WMA streams
  • Turning off player also turns off digital outputs
  • "Can't find SqueezeCenter" message disappears after 30 seconds, leaving blank screen on SB2/3 and Transporter or display of current time on Boom
  • Factory Reset option (hold left arrow for firmware menu, Current Settings > Factory Reset)
  • Wake-on-LAN (WOL) sent to SqueezeCenter 10 minutes before alarm (Boom only)
  • Bass and treble controls now affect headphone output
  • New LINE OUT mode for Boom's "Headphone + SUB OUT" jack
    • Previous Modes
      • Headphone (Jack ON, Boom speakers OFF)
      • SUB OUT (Jack ON, Boom speakers ON with reduced bass)
    • New LINE OUT mode (No reduced bass)
      • Choose ON or OFF
      • Boom speakers always ON

Squeezebox Controller

  • Improved connectivity between Controller and SqueezeCenter
  • New Synchronization UI
  • Custom Wallpapers through SqueezeCenter
Controller as Player
  • Choose Player menu displays Player icons
  • Expanded System Information available through Controller
  • Artwork Size setting in Now Playing screensaver
  • Controller Audio Playback (Beta)
  • Playlist Mode/Party Mode (Beta)

More info in detailed 7.3 Squeezebox Controller Release Notes

Web User Interface

  • Now includes album artwork from your iTunes library
    • NOTE: SqueezeCenter will open iTunes while scanning the library for artwork. Please close iTunes once scanning has completed.
  • Faster scanning time for MusicIP
  • New LineOut plugin to control Boom "Headphone + SUB OUT" jack modes. Allows placement of Line Out menu item to Boom or SqueezeCenter Extras menu.

BETA SqueezePlay

SqueezePlay is a software-only Squeezebox player application for PC, Mac or Linux desktop. It performs all of the functions of a music player but does not require purchase of additional hardware. It can also control other Squeezebox players on your home network. It is a replacement for the SoftSqueeze application.

  • Currently SqueezePlay is available for SqueezeCenter 7.3 only. SqueezePlay will not work with older versions of SqueezeCenter or with SqueezeNetwork.

Complete List of Changes

See this list of addressed changes in this release.

7.2.1 Release Highlights

Detailed release notes for Squeezeplay-related changes (Controller) in 7.2.1

Squeezebox Player Support

  • Firmware
    • Plays MP3 tracks containing large album artwork images
    • Boom: 33
      • Improved algorithm for controlling brightness of front panel display
      • Easier to perform factory reset using front panel
    • Squeezebox 2 and 3: 113
    • Transporter: 63
    • Receiver: 48
      • Receiver will no longer turn on after power failure

Squeezebox Controller

  • Firmware: r3191
    • Added new scenarios in which interrupted communication between a Controller and SqueezeCenter are re-established
  • Firmware version r3080
    • Once a Boom player is chosen, SqueezeNetwork or SqueezeCenter are now shown as Music Sources

Web User Interface

  • Includes fixes to Music Scanner
    • No longer crashes when using "Look for new and changed music"
    • Continues scanning even if it encounters DRM-protected track
    • Adds new tracks to library
  • Random mix as Favorite works as expected
  • Macintosh installer now localized for new languages added in 7.2
  • Various bug fixes when using Ubuntu Linux system
  • Improved performance when viewing Music Folder stored on ReadyNAS system
  • Removed 'MyRadio plugin'

Complete List of Changes

See this list of addressed changes in this release.

7.2 Release Highlights

  • Official support added for these languages
    • Danish
    • Swedish
    • Norwegian
    • Finnish

Squeezebox Player Support

  • Added support for Squeezebox Boom, including control of audio settings (StereoXL, Bass, Treble, Subwoofer/Headphone, etc.), front panel control support, etc.

Squeezebox Controller

Web User Interface

  • Improved performance of web interface
  • Ask for confirmation when setting a password to prevent typos in web page protection
  • Split up Audio settings page into Audio and separate Synchronization pages

Alarm Clock

  • Alarms can be set for any combination of days at a specified time, allowing weekday alarms, weekend alarms etc.
  • Alarms can be snoozed
  • The Date Time screensaver now indicates when the next alarm will go off
  • Alarms can be configured as one-off alarms that disable themselves after they go off
  • Ability to quickly disable all alarms (holiday mode)

Complete List of Changes

See this list of addressed changes in this release.