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A Debian Logitechmediaserver (formerly known as SlimServer) package distributed by Slim Devices now exists. This package also should work with most Debian-based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Raspbian,Mepis or Knoppix. See below for installation instructions for Logitechmediaserver.


Debian Version Info

Please visit the Logitechmediaserver Download page to learn about the latest stable version of Logitechmediaserver.

From there you can find direct downloads of the latest nightly builds of the various versions.

Even if the Header form the link above says Beta not all Versions are beta builds. [7.8] is the community release. [7.9] is the latest Version supplied by the community. [10.0] is only for UE Radios.

The pre-release versions of the .deb files are also available.

Instructions for Debian /Ubuntu /Raspbian

To install the latest stable release please do the following tasks:

  • Make a new Folder e.g /sources
  • Download the Version via wget into this Folder - please notice the filename changes!
  • Install the downloaded package.
  • You can use the lines above in a script.

installing 7.8

in 7.8.0 There are some bugs that only sorted in 7.8.1
Please dont install 7.8.0

installing 7.8.1

latest_lms=$(lms=$(lms=$(wget -q -O - "http://www.mysqueezebox.com/update/?version=7.8.0&revision=1&geturl=1&os=deb"))
mkdir -p /sources
cd /sources
wget $latest_lms
lms_deb=$(echo $latest_lms|cut -d "/" -f8)
dpkg -i $lms_deb
ls /sources/logi* -1t | tail -3| xargs -d '\n' rm -f

installing 7.9.0

latest_lms=$(lms=$(lms=$(wget -q -O - "http://www.mysqueezebox.com/update/?version=7.9.0&revision=1&geturl=1&os=deb"))
mkdir -p /sources
cd /sources
wget $latest_lms
lms_deb=$(echo $latest_lms|cut -d "/" -f8)
dpkg -i $lms_deb
ls /sources/logi* -1t | tail -3| xargs -d '\n' rm -f

To run Logitechmediaserver in Debian / Ubuntu:

Logitechmediaserver is started automatically by the installation script and every time you boot.

If you want to start/stop Logitechmediaserver manually you can run:

 sudo service logitechmediaserver start


 sudo service logitechmediaserver stop

Updating your Logitechmediaserver

The deb repository is gone see [1]

Add the update Feature in the startscript

Add these lines in /etc/init.d/logitechmediaserver:

 d_update() {
       latest_lms=$(wget -q -O - "http://www.mysqueezebox.com/update/?version=7.9.0&revision=1&geturl=1&
       lms_deb=$(echo $latest_lms|cut -d "/" -f8)
       lms_new_Version=$(echo $lms_deb |cut -d "_" -f2)
       installed_lms=$(dpkg-query -W -f '${status} ${package} ${version}\n'|grep logitech |cut -d " " -f
       ls /sources/logi* -1t | tail -3| xargs -d '\n' rm -f
       if [ ! $lms_new_Version = $installed_lms ]
               echo 'Update Logitechmediaserver $installed_lms to $lms_newVersion'
               mkdir -p /sources
               cd /sources
               wget $latest_lms
               dpkg -i /sources/$lms_deb
               echo "latest Version $lms_new_Version already installed"

Add this block right on Top of *)


The d_stop & d_start is "over the Top" since dpkg -i would automatically stop the old service and start it after installing again, but the author is sometimes over the Top ;-)

Change this line in /etc/init.d/logitechmediaserver:

       echo "Usage: $SCRIPTNAME {start|stop|restart|force-reload|update}" >&2
       exit 1

Now you can update LMS with

 sudo service logitechmediaserver update

During the installation process:

If you don't have them already installed on your system, you may be asked about various Logitechmediaserver dependencies. These are other software packages Logitechmediaserver requires to run. Some of the dependencies may even have dependencies!

Having Logitechmediaserver be dependent on other packages helps make it more compatible with more systems, and reduces both the download size and number of problems.

However, dependencies can be confusing. If you have questions about the configuration of any of the packages Logitechmediaserver depends on, there is much information available on the Internet for the specific packages. Additionally, members of our linux forum http://forums.slimdevices.com/forumdisplay.php?f=3 may be able to help.

upgrading from 6.* to 7.*

apt-get remove --purge slimserver
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

You may need to Update your Distribution since 6.x is very old and can not run on actual Versions of Debian. Follow the steps described in installing 7.8.1

To use the Logitechmediaserver web interface:

Point your browser to [server ip address]:[port]. For example your server running Logitechmediaserver's IP address is so enter in your browser: