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Christchurch Weather Live source - strings

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	EN	Christchurch Weather Live

	EN	Live Summary
	EN	Wind Summary

	EN	North Island
	EN	South Island
	EN	7 Day Forecast
 	EN	Sunrise and Sunset

This list of items is used for translation of the applet into other languages

The name of the file I believe must be strings.txt and the format of the file is one or more of these items seperated by a blank line:


Where it has {TAB} you need to seperate the content with a TAB charcter - you can not use a space. There should be no space or tab in front of the [TOKEN]

The language identifier (EN, ES, etc) is the ISO 639-1 Two Digit Country Extensions

You can see more in this WIKI article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639_codes

In the applet you can make reference to the TOKEN as follows

local MyVariable = self:string('TOKEN')

In the Weather Live applet we have code like below which is part of building the text of the menu item:

text = self:string("WEATHERLIVE_SUMMARY")

Which would return the value "Live Summary" in English (EN)

If the TOKEN is not found then the function returns the TOKEN

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